Aesop's Fable

Word Up Red Unit 10

This song includes third grade vocabulary words that students are likely to encounter on state tests. It teaches the following words: attract, defend, grasp, loyal, passage, rely, revive, scatter, survey and wisdom. In this song, experience Aesop’s fable “The Bear and the Two Travelers” with a modern twist.


My new friend and I were chilling last week,
We thought, let’s take a walk and move our feet.
We went out, took a passage through the trees,
A path through the forest so nice and green.
Suddenly we heard a really loud sound,
We surveyed the forest and looked around.
All the birds and squirrels quickly scattered,
Ran in all directions; they knew what was the matter.
Uh oh! A big brown bear appeared,
He had a mean face and his hair was weird.
I should tell you, now, I’ve got a bad knee,
It’s weak; I find it hard to climb up trees.
But my friend grabbed and grasped the branch of a tree,
I said, "Don’t climb that tree; wait for me!"
I couldn’t defend myself, fight him off,
I looked at the bear and thought, "my life is lost!"

Times get tough and things get bad,
But you know real friends have your back.
Doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, happy or sad,
Real friends have your back.

Now maybe it was wisdom, a thought came to my head,
I lay down on the ground and played dead.
I didn’t want to attract the bear, bring him closer,
So I didn’t move a muscle, but he came over.
He was licking my ear, and it was not cool,
’Cause now my face was covered in bear drool.
But soon he got bored and he wandered off,
Like Winnie the Pooh, maybe looking for a honey pot.
I got up like I had been revived,
Almost like I came back to life.
I knew, now, I couldn’t rely on my friend,
I couldn’t depend on him to the end.
He came down, asked, "What did the bear whisper in your ear?
I was up in the tree; I couldn’t hear."
I said the bear told me a fact:
"You need loyal friends who have your back!"

Times get tough and things get bad,
But you know real friends have your back.
Doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, happy or sad,
Real friends have your back.

Some of the oldest stories we know today come from an author named Aesop. He wrote and collected fables, which are short stories that teach a lesson. Some of his most famous stories are "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" and "The Tortoise and the Hare." This song tells one of Aesop's fables called "The Bear and the Two Travelers." You'll learn these words: attract, defend, grasp, loyal, passage, rely, revive, scatter, survey, wisdom.

passage (noun)
1. A short piece of a book or song.
The teacher told us to read the passage about sailing and then discuss it.
2. The act of moving from one place to another, or a way in or out.
We walked through the passage way, from one wing of the house to the other.
survey (verb)
To look something over; to figure it out.
The men used a leveling instrument to survey the street.
(noun) A study to get more information on a subject.
In class, we filled out a survey about what kind of music we like.
scatter (verb)
To go in different directions, or to cause something to go in different directions.
The Lady of Heaven scattered beautiful flowers across the land.
grasp (verb)
To grab onto.
Johnny grasped the bars of the jungle gym and swung himself across.
defend (verb)
To protect, or keep something safe from harm.
Big stone walls were built to defend towns from attack hundreds of years ago.
wisdom (noun)
Smarts; knowledge.
Benjamin Franklin read many books that were full of wisdom .
Related word: wise. (adj) Having wisdom; being smart.
I always listen to my grandma because she is so wise .
attract (verb)
To bring or draw closer.
You shouldn't leave food on the ground when you're camping because it can attract bears.
Related words: attractive . (adj) Pleasing to the eye or mind; beautiful.
The restaurant's location was so attractive that as soon as people saw it they wanted to eat there.
revive (verb)
To start up again, or bring back to life.
Everyone thought the Yankees didn't have a shot at the World Series, but by winning 10 straight games, they revived their chances.
rely (verb)
To depend upon; to count on.
To win spelling bees, most kids rely on their memory.
loyal (adj)
Staying true or faithful to something or someone.
Loyal music fans filled the theater to hear to the pianist play.
Where were the rapper and his friends walking?
In the forest
What scary animal appeared?
A big brown bear
Real friends have your _____.
What did the rapper think to do?
Play dead
What is another word for "to depend"?

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