Raised by Dogs

Word Up Turquoise Unit 14

This song includes second grade vocabulary words that students are likely to encounter on state tests. It teaches the following words: center, couple, dangerous, discard, harm, leader, pack, safe, support and yard. In this song, a little girl named Oxana finds a new family in a pack of dogs!


Let me tell you about Oxana,
A little girl who wasn’t loved by her mama.
Her parents were mean and they treated her badly,
So she left her home and her family.
Oxana was just three years old
When she decided she had to leave her home!
She went out in the streets, and, in fact,
She didn’t even pack her stuff, put it in a bag.
And living on the streets is dangerous,
It’s likely you could get hurt or worse.
I mean, it’s risky living on the streets,
You’ll be chilly in the winter with no heat.
Plus no bowls of cereal to eat,
And no new sneakers on your feet.
Plus in the city, there were packs of dogs,
Groups of dogs with no home at all.
Wild like the Joker in a pack of cards,
These dogs, they didn’t stay in the yard,
I mean the land around a house or apartment,
No, they went wherever they wanted.
Little Oxana didn’t know where to go,
So she found a little shed down the road.
In the shed, there were lots of dogs,
Wild dogs with teeth and claws.

Every doggie has his day, and I know we’ll be OK,
If you stay with me today, I won’t be lonely, no.

But Oxana, she had a couple of snacks,
Two snacks in a little blue sack.
And she gave some to the pack.
The dogs were so happy, that in fact,
They treated Oxana like one of their own,
And so the little girl had a new dog home.
You might not believe what you’re about to hear:
But the girl lived with those dogs for five years!
The wild dogs kept her safe,
Kept her out of danger every day,
She was never hurt or harmed,
I guess the barking of the dogs was like an alarm.
She would sleep in the middle, in the center, of the pack,
To stay warm at night, and, in fact,
They supported her, they helped her out,
They held her up when she was down.
Kids in the city on their way to school
Would throw away and discard food.
And Oxana, she would grab those scraps
In her teeth and bring them back to the pack.
She became the leader, the one who decides
What others do; she was wise.
They were dogs and she wasn’t, you see?
But they all lived together like a family!

Every doggie has his day, and I know we’ll be OK,
If you stay with me today, I won’t be lonely, no.

This is the true story of a very special young girl named Oxana Malaya. When Oxana's family treated her badly, she knew she had to leave. Luckily, she found a new family-a family of dogs!

You'll learn these words: center, couple, dangerous, discard, harm, leader, pack, safe, support, yard.

pack (verb)
When you pack , you put things into a bag, box, or suitcase.
Erin had to pack for her trip to California.
dangerous (adj)
Something dangerous is not safe.
It is very dangerous to drink things if you don't know what they are.
pack (noun)
A pack is a group of animals or things.
There was a pack of dogs chasing the ball at the dog park.
yard (noun)
1. A yard is the land around a building that sometimes has grass on it.
Mindy's family had a big yard that she loved to play in.
2. A yard is a length that is the same as three feet, or 36 inches.
The woman went to the store and got three yards of fabric to make a dress.
couple (noun)
1. A couple is a small number of things; usually two.
Joseph got a couple of plates and set the table.
2. A couple is two people who are dating or are married.
The couple next door have lived in that house for five years.
safe (adj)
If something is safe , it is not in danger of being harmed or stolen.
Max felt safe after he put the lock on the gate.
(noun) A safe is a strong box that holds money or valuables.
Phillip's parents kept the diamond ring in a safe .
harm (verb)
If something harms you, it hurts you.
Smoking cigarettes can harm you.
center (noun)
1. The center is the place in the middle of something.
The dart hit the center of the board.
2. The center can also mean the most important part.
My family is the center of my life.
support (verb)
1. To support something is to hold it up.
The cheerleaders supported one another to make their pyramid.
2. If you support someone, you help them out.
When Kristy had a problem, her friend Pam was always there to support her.
(noun) A support is something used to hold an object up.
We needed to add support to the table so that it would not fall over.
discard (verb)
If you discard something, you throw it away.
Kids in the neighborhood gathered to discard all the trash.
leader (noun)
A leader is someone who shows or tells people what to do.
Mr. Dunn was the Boy Scout troop leader . He was in charge of planning all the meetings.
How old was Oxana when she left her home?
Three years old
Living on the streets is _____.
What type of animal did Oxana meet?
What did Oxana share with the dogs?
Someone who makes the rules is the . . .

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