The Ballad of Ron and John

Word Up Green Unit 4

This song includes sixth grade vocabulary words that students are likely to encounter on state tests. It teaches the following words: campaign, collide, consequence, drastic, elaborate, inevitable, loathe, predicament, provoke, retaliate, sanctuary, siege, subsequent, treacherous and vow. This song tells a fairy tale about two princes who hated each other. Find out if they live happily every after!


Once upon a time, far away some place,
Two princes got up in each other’s face.
Sir John hated Sir Ron and so he vowed,
And promised to fight him till he was in the ground.
Sir Ron, in turn, loathed Sir John,
Hated him like Eminem hates his mom.
They were treacherous, neither one could be trusted,
Ron would give you hot dogs and steal the mustard.
That provoked, brought about a response from John,
Who hit Ron’s arm hard like a ping-pong ball.
Ron retaliated, got back at him fast,
Broke his arm, now Sir John’s wearing a cast.
But this wasn’t the last; there were subsequent fights,
More that came after, so for hundreds of nights,
There was a siege on Ron’s castle,
John surrounded it, and attacked it from every angle.

I’ve seen fire, and I’ve seen rain,
I’ve seen joy and I’ve seen pain,
But it seems to me, there just might be a way…

Now this is fishy like halibut, a trick that was elaborate,
Worked out with great care and detail.
John rolled a rock to collide with Ron’s car,
Hit the side and hoped he died.
But Ron found sanctuary in a sanctuary,
Found safety in a holy room, you know me? Good.
Then Ron decided to do the same thing,
He launched a series of operations, a campaign.
Then he did something severe and drastic,
Launched bombs to attack, John launched bombs back.
They didn’t think about the effect or consequence
Of their actions, so guess what happened?
The end seems inevitable, sure to occur,
Ron and John both died, but why?
Before you find yourself in this kind of predicament,
This bad situation, you better think on it…

I’ve seen fire, and I’ve seen rain,
I’ve seen joy and I’ve seen pain,
But it seems to me, there just might be a way…

This song tells a kind of fairy tale about two princes who hate each other. The princes fight a war for many years. In fact, they fight for so many years that eventually they can't remember why they are fighting. What happens in the end? Unfortunately, this fairy tale might not end happily ever after .

You'll learn these words: vow, loathe, treacherous, provoke, retaliate, subsequent, siege, elaborate, collide, sanctuary, campaign, drastic, consequence, inevitable, predicament

vow (verb)
to promise or pledge
The groom vowed to help his wife clean the house throughout their marriage.
Synonyms: to promise, assure, swear
Other forms: Vow is also a noun meaning "a promise," as in: Her vow to her husband was to never turn off the television when he was watching sports.
loathe (verb)
to feel intense hate for
I loathe red cabbage; it is my least favorite vegetable.
Synonyms: to hate, despise, detest
Other forms: The pile of dead bodies was a loathsome (adj) sight for the detectives.
treacherous (adj)
1. not to be trusted; dishonest
2. dangerous and hazardous
1. Barney's treacherous friend often lied to him about why he couldn't hang out with him.
2. The explorers had a treacherous climb to the peak of the mountain.
provoke (verb)
to enrage or stir up
Callie tried to provoke her new kitten by waving her fingers in front of it.
Synonyms: to anger, aggravate
retaliate (verb)
to get even; to do something to get revenge
The angry warrior retaliated against the man that stole from him.
Other forms: Spitting on my feet was his form of retaliation (noun).
subsequent (adj)
following in order; next
Subsequent to their arrival at the airport, they rented a car and started to sightsee.
Antonyms: former, previous, prior
Other forms: Subsequent is often used as an adverb, subsequently. The bear found food and subsequently found a place to nap.
siege (noun)
a long fight, especially the surrounding of a city
The siege on the city of Fallujah lasted nearly 40 days.
Other forms: Besiege is a verb meaning "to attack". We besieged city hall at the start of the revolution.
elaborate (adj)
worked out with great care and attention to detail
Maria's fifteenth birthday, her Quinceañera, was a big celebration for which she wore an elaborate new dress.
Synonyms: complicated, intricate
Other Forms: Elaborate is also a verb meaning "to expand or add to," as in: Timothy tried to elaborate on his description of the suspect so that the police could draw an accurate sketch of him.
collide (verb)
to crash into
Sometimes two cars collide in the student parking lot after school when everyone is in a hurry to leave.
Antonyms: to avoid, dodge
Other forms: There was a fatal head-on collision (noun) on the two-lane country road.
sanctuary (noun)
a safe place
To Terry, her garden was her sanctuary .
sanctuary (noun)
a sacred or holy place
The minister told me to light candles in the sanctuary .
campaign (noun)
a series of operations to accomplish a goal
Every four years, hopeful politicians campaign to be the new President of the United States
Synonyms: movement, crusade, operation
drastic (adj)
extreme, severe
Amber's drastic mood change signaled to her parents that she and her boyfriend were fighting again.
Antonyms: mild, modest, slight
consequence (noun)
the outcome, result, or effect
One consequence of having a newborn baby is not getting enough sleep.
inevitable (adj)
unavoidable and necessary
Once the pilot knew that he couldn't gain control of the spiraling plane, it was inevitable that it would crash into the swamp.
Synonyms: certain, destined
predicament (noun)
a difficult situation
Brandi found herself in a difficult predicament , but luckily her friends were there to support her.
What is another word for "hate"?
How did Ron retaliate after John hit his arm?
He broke John's arm.
What did John launch on Ron's castle?
A siege
Where did Ron find sanctuary?
In a sanctuary
What was the inevitable ending?
Ron and John both died.

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