Look Before You Leap

Word Up Turquoise Unit 6

This song includes grade 2 vocab words that students are likely to encounter on state tests. It teaches the following words: accident, agree, aware, clear, deep, excess, fresh, leap, travel and wise. In this song, we tell Aesop’s fable in a brand-new way. So use caution, and look before you leap!


Aw, yeah! A little story about Mr. Frog and his son, Frog Junior.
It's a lesson for y'all:
Learn how to look before you leap.
Let's go!

You better look before you leap!
Don’t jump if you close your eyes.
You better look before you leap!
’Cause where you land might be a surprise.

Do you know Mr. Frog and his son, Frog Junior?
They lived in a pond, didn’t own a computer.
They didn’t eat tacos, thought they were really bad,
They ate flies sitting on a lily pad.
The water was fresh, clean and new,
In the summer it kept them really cool.
They had an excess of water, more than enough,
Until one summer when times got tough. Uh-oh!
It stopped raining for three whole months,
And the frogs’ pond just dried right up.
Frog Junior told his dad, "I think we should leave,"
And Mr. Frog said, "Yeah, son, I agree.
I think the same thing as you do,
We need water, so let’s move, dude."
So they traveled, went to another place,
That wasn’t close; it was far away.
They came upon a well that was very deep,
It went far into the ground with water way down.
Frog Junior said, "Let’s jump down now!"
Mr. Frog said, "How will we get out?
What if the well goes dry?
If we were stuck down there, we would probably die.
Hey, son, here’s a lesson for free,
Listen up and repeat after me…"

You better look before you leap!
Don’t jump if you close your eyes.
Look before you leap!
’Cause where you land, there might be a surprise.

So Mr. Frog and his son hopped on,
Jumping up and down like popcorn.
And they were getting kind of hungry; that’s the truth,
So they looked around to find some food.
They came to a road, and on the other side,
The saw a whole bunch of flies.
That might not sound great to you,
But flies are most frogs’ favorite food.
Frog Junior got excited and he started to hop,
But Mr. Frog saw a truck speeding down the block.
Would there be an accident? A mistake or a crash?
Mr. Frog grabbed his son and pulled him back.
"Ribbity-Ribbits! You could have died!
Look both ways when you cross to the other side.
Make sure that the road is clear,
There’s nothing on it, and no one’s there.
C’mon, little frog, you need to stay aware,
You need to pay attention to what’s around, you hear?"
Frog Junior said, "Dad, I know you’ll never tell me lies,
You’re smart; I mean you’re wise.
I guess I need to open my eyes,
That way I won’t be surprised."
Mr. Frog said, "C’mon, let’s go on an adventure,
I’ll teach you how to be a fly-hunting ninja."

Look before you leap!
Don’t jump if you close your eyes.
Look before you leap!
’Cause where you land, there might be a surprise.

You better look before you leap!
Don’t jump if you close your eyes.
Look before you leap!
’Cause where you land, there might be a surprise.
Look before you leap...

This song is based on a fable from an old storyteller named Aesop. Aesop told stories about animals, but they were more than just stories. Each story taught a lesson. These stories have been told for thousands and thousands of years! But I bet you've never heard them like this before.

You'll learn these words: accident, agree, aware, clear, deep, excess, fresh, leap, travel, wise.

leap (verb)
If you leap , you take a big jump.
Mike leaped over his friend Walt.
fresh (adj)
Something fresh is clean or new.
Parth only sold fruit that was nice and fresh .
excess (adj)
Excess is more than is needed or allowed.
When it rains, the excess water goes down the drainpipe.
(noun) An excess of something is more than is needed.
Cliff had an excess of candy after Halloween.
agree (verb)
If you agree with someone, you think that what that person is saying or thinking is right.
My brother and I both love ice cream. We agree it tastes great!
travel (verb)
When you travel , you go from one place to another, usually far away.
Betsy's family loved to travel . Each summer they would plan a trip to a different place.
deep (adj)
When something is deep , it goes a long way down.
The scuba divers were able to walk on the floor of the ocean, even though the water was very deep .
accident (noun)
An accident is something that happens by mistake, especially if it hurts someone or damages something.
Amelia got into a car accident . She dented the front of her car.
clear (adj)
1. When something is clear , it isn't full of things; it's empty or clean.
After she cleaned the dirty window, it was so clear that you could see right through it.
2. When something is clear , you can understand it.
At first, Kelly didn't understand the math problem. But after her teacher helped her, the answer was clear .
(verb) When you clear something, you make it empty or clean.
Alice cleared off her desk. She threw things away until there was nothing on it.
aware (adj)
To be aware is to know about something, or to know what's going on around you.
The group of kids were aware of traffic and carefully crossed the street..
wise (adj)
Wise means "smart," or thinking something through and showing good sense.
The scholar studied for many years to become a wise man.
What should you do before you leap?
Where do the frogs live?
In a pond
The well they found was very _____.
What are the frogs' favorite food?
What is another word for a "mistake" or a "crash"?

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