We're the Piglets

Word Up Orange Unit 8

This song includes fourth grade vocabulary words that students are likely to encounter on state tests. It teaches the following words: address, eager, entrance, increase, mistrust, resist, sole, sturdy, survive and threat. This song retells the story of “The Three Little Pigs.” You already know how one little pig was smarter than his two brothers, but did you know he could rap? Check it out!


You know the story: It’s the three little pigs,
But guess what, kids? I’m one of those pigs.
My mom had three kids, yeah little piglets,
But we weren’t that little.
I mean, the littlest was kind of chubby, as pigs tend to be,
I was the oldest; then my brothers came after me.
I was always eager to learn; I wanted to do it,
So I tried hard in school; no one’s calling me stupid.
But the sole thing my brothers liked, the only thing,
Was to sit around all day playing video games.
They dropped out of high school in the ninth grade,
Entranced by Mario, Zelda, Halo;
Put under a spell playing Guitar Hero."
Until one day our mom said, "Come here, yo!
It’s time for you three to go live on your own,
So go build your own home; make it nice and strong."

We’re the piglets! Yes, we are.
"I built my house out of bricks just to make it strong!"
"I built my house out of sticks; is that wrong?"
"Aww, naw—I built my house out of straw!"

I knew I wanted something strong, guess what I did?
Yep, I built a strong, sturdy house of bricks.
Plus to increase my safety, make me more safe,
I had a new alarm system put in place.
Then I went to see my brothers, and guess what I saw?
TJ had made his house out of straw!
And Chris had made his house out of sticks,
I was like, "Why not just make it out of pretzels and chips?"
A few days later I was watching a movie,
I saw someone outside my house; now, who’s he?
At the entrance to my house, the front door,
It was this wolf "Big Bad" with these big claws,
And these big teeth, and these big paws.
He addressed me, spoke to me, through the door,
Said, "Hey, I’m out of sugar; could you give me a cup?"
But I didn’t believe him; I was full of mistrust.
He said, "open up and I’ll give you candy!"
But I knew to resist, to not give in and do what he said.
Now the wolf said, "hey pig, you want to know the truth?
I just ate up your brothers; now I’m coming for you!
So little pig, little pig, let me in."
I said, "Not by the hairs on my chinny-chin-chin!
You’ll never get in; you better think again,
Just called the police and they’ll throw you in the pen."
"Then I’ll huff and I’ll puff"; "Is that a threat?
Are you saying that you’ll harm me? Ha! Want to bet?"
He huffed and he puffed; what happened, kids?
I mean, you try huffing and puffing to move some bricks!
The cops came, they threw the wolf in jail,
And the TV crews came to interview me as well.
"Mr. Piggie, how could you live through this and survive?"
I said, "The only way to survive is by using your mind."

We’re the piglets! Yes, we are.
"I built my house out of bricks just to make it strong!"
"I built my house out of sticks; is that wrong?"
"Aww, naw—I built my house out of straw!"

Do you know the tale of the three little pigs? It's a story about one very smart little pig and his two brothers who are not so smart. It's a story about building houses. It's a story about a hungry wolf. Well, did you know that one of the three little pigs can rap? Just listen…You'll learn these words: address, eager, entrance, increase, mistrust, resist, sole, sturdy, survive, threat.

eager (adj)
Wanting very much; excited.
I was so eager to open my presents, I ran right into the back of the couch.
sole (adj)
Being the only one of its kind; belonging to only one person or group.
The sole reason that Andre was on the baseball team was his dad made him.
entrance (verb)
To fill with joy or delight; to hold (someone's) attention.
Kelly was totally entranced by the sight of the unicorn.
(noun) A place where you enter, or the act of entering.
Flying down from above, the comedian made a big entrance at his show.
Note: These two words are spelled the same but are pronounced differently.
sturdy (adj)
(adj) Firmly or solidly built; determined.
The chair was so sturdy that even fifty years after it was built it didn't wobble.
increase (verb)
To make or become larger; to add to.
As the kids entered the haunted house, their fear increased .
address (verb)
(verb) To direct one's words to.
It took a lot of bravery, but Jim addressed the king and told him that he wanted to marry the princess.
(noun) 1. The place where you can find a person or thing.
What's the address of the pizza place?
2. A speech.
In the president's address , she said she planned to make the school day longer.
mistrust (noun)
Doubt about someone's honesty.
Nothing ruins a friendship faster than mistrust .
(verb) To be suspicious of; to not believe.
It was kind of strange, but Pedro mistrusted anyone he didn't know.
resist (verb)
To refuse to give in to; to withstand.
Jenny tried to convince Lassandra to sell her skateboard and buy a bike, but Lassandra resisted .
threat (noun)
1. A warning that one may do harm.
I don't believe any of Marvin's threats that he'll burn my house down if I don't pick him for my basketball team.
2. Something that can do harm.
If you're walking through the jungle, beware of threats like tigers and snakes.
survive (verb)
To stay alive or continue to exist; to keep on going; to live longer than.
Do you think you could survive in the wilderness like Robinson Crusoe?
Who is the narrator of the story?
The oldest pig
Who are some other characters?
The other little pigs, their mom and the wolf
What does the narrator build his house out of?
Who shows up at the narrator's house?
Big Bad, the wolf
What does the wolf say to try to get inside?
He wants to borrow sugar and give the pig candy.
What does the narrator do when the wolf says he ate the other pigs?
He calls the police.
What happens to the wolf?
He goes to jail.

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