April 1, 2011

April Fools with Rebecca Black

Flocabulary brings you The Week in Rap featuring special guest Rebecca Black.
“It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday,
Everybody’s waiting for this song to end,”
Yeah, Flocab on the track,
With our special guest Rebecca Black?
“Fun Fun”… April Fools!
She’s not down with the Flocab crew,
Though we do wish we had her YouTube views,
Week in Rap time, let’s get to the news,
Here’s a name that you need to know,
RIP Geraldine Ferraro,
Who’s she? She ran for VP,
In ’84, making history,
As the first woman, ’cause she wasn’t
Just sitting in the backseat, uh-huh, cousin,
Ladies still struggle, of course,
And the issues before the Supreme Court,
Wal-Mart women made a commotion,
Saying men were getting more promotions,
But is that the fault of the store?
The Justices will have to discuss some more,
I mean maybe we’re all to blame,
‘Cause we don’t treat women and men the same,
In Libya, we’re making tanks explode,
Qaddafi’s troops are on the ropes,
Obama said it’d be a massacre,
If we didn’t step in, that’s the word,
But some want to know who’s the boss,
The UN, NATO or U.S. forces?
Protests in Syria are changing the tide,
But the dictator doesn’t want to step aside,
Woah! Deja vu!
I think I’ve seen this before, how ’bout you?
We balanced our budget?
Nah! That’d be clever!
It’s the biggest loss since… ever.
And “LOL” and “OMG
Have been added to the Oxford Dictionary.
April Fools? No, it’s true,
“Woot” and “nom nom” got in there too!
Here’s some news I wouldn’t have guessed,
Facebook can make some teens depressed,
Hey dude, don’t be blue,
Just ’cause you don’t have as many friends as we do,
“The day before yesterday was Wednesday! Today it is Friday!”
Thanks Rebecca Black, that’s a fact,
Flocab wait a week, and we’ll be back.
Which YouTube sensation joined Flocab this week?
Rebecca Black (April Fools!)
Who was the first woman to run for vice president?
Geraldine Ferraro
What abbreviations were added to the Oxford English Dictionary?

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