April 15, 2011

Ohio Flood and French Face Veil Ban

Yeah – it’s Flocab – the 15th of April
The Week In Rap – give me something from the turntables
On to the news
The government’s in business
If you’re confused
The two parties finally agreed
On the cuts to be made
So the budget succeeds

Slow down just breathe
Here’s some weird news take a seat trust me
The Midwest caught serious damage
From a what?
A tropical storm?
I hope nobody panics
Ohio had the worst flood in a century
What’s going on in the world?

Ayo essentially – its crazy
Heard the news in Japan lately
The death toll keeps going up, but wait and see
If the missing get found
Or the radiation quits
Either way its been a month
And Japan needs a lift

While France just switched up their course
Their ban on full face veils went into force
It means they’re not trying to hurt you
But you’ll get fined if you’re wearing a burka
But some Muslims don’t think that’s the time
They’re even raising money to pay for any fines

Over to the Ivory Coast
It looks like the struggle for power has come to a close
They’ve arrested Laurent Gbagbo
So the new president can step in and have a go

Yo we’ll end in the state of California
Students are protesting
So let me warn you
They’re making cuts in higher education
and this could spread all over the nation

The Week In Rap on your TV station
It’s another Flocabulary creation
What did France ban?
Face veils
What country is still suffering from radiation?
What state is making cuts to higher education?

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