April 20, 2012

Space Shuttle Piggyback & Crazy Prom Spending

Flocab, you can put your feet up,
It's a slow-jam news recap out your speakers.
North Korea they had a failure with their rockets,
But they still high-stepped just like the Rockettes.

The country’s policy is "military first,"
But for those in poverty, their lives are really worse.
It’s so nuts in Afghanistan,
The Taliban targeted embassies and were attacking them.

What makes me more than hate it? It was coordinated,
Taliban is trained, organized, and automated.
Obama at a South American summit,
Met with Latin leaders
to try to get something from it.

They talked about drugs and talked about Cuba,
Which got excluded, other nations think it’s ludicrous.
The space shuttle got canned like tuna fish,
It flew to DC - that’s its newest digs.

It had shuttled Americans to the heavens,
Now it’s riding on the back of a 747.
Boston Marathon was slowed by the heat,
But Kenyans still sped to a clean sweep.

So many teens trying to shine like Kanye,
So they're dropping a grand on their prom night.
Some say that’s just part of the jam,
Others say that the spending's getting way out of hand.

If you steal my cell phone, you won’t be able to call,
The new program means stolen cell phones get blocked.
RIP Dick Clark, he made New Year's fun,
He was pretty old, some others die young.

Fewer children accidentally get killed,
But more teens OD, if they’re popping pills.
I get lifted off of rap - one of my simple thrills,
Meditate, breathe easy and simply chill...

Kim Jong Un poses with members of the North Korean military

The United States told them not to. South Korea told them not to. But North Korea launched a rocket anyway. The rocket failed. Soon after, the United States suspended its plans to give food aid to North Korea. But there are still lots of hungry people in North Korea. That isn't the main priority for new leader Kim Jong Un, though. After the launch, he gave a national address to underscore the nation's 'military first' policy, while soldiers high-stepped down the streets. Do you think its smart for North Korea to have a 'military first' policy? Learn more.

US Soldiers in Afghanistan

As the United States and NATO continue to draw out of Afghanistan, the Taliban is proving that it's still present--and still lethal. This week the Taliban launched multi-pronged attacks in the Afghan capital, firing automatic weapons and grenades at embassies and other government buildings. Fighting continued for more than 12 hours after the first shots were fired, and at least 18 people were killed. Do you think this attack will affect U.S. policy in Afghanistan? Learn more.

President Obama wasn't very popular in Latin America.

President Obama went down to Colombia to meet with Latin American heads of state. But it wasn't a friendly meeting. For the first time, many Latin American countries disagreed with the United States and Canada about sanctions on communist Cuba, and the countries also disagreed about monetary and drug policy. As the United States become less popular and influential in Latin America, China is looking to step in to influence the region. Do you think that the United States should continue its sanctions on Cuba? Learn more.

A space shuttle on a jumbo jet. Cool? Or the coolest ever?

The space shuttle Discovery may no longer be taking trips into the great unknown, but retirement for a space shuttle has some unique perks. Before it is grounded for good, the Discovery got a piggyback ride on a jumbo jet. The bizarre flying duo made a few circles around Washington, D.C. The Discovery will be sent to rest at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. Have you ever been to a Smithsonian museum? Learn more.

Marathon winner Wesley Korir

While people all over the Northeast gleefully shed their coats and enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather, 22,500 people were not as happy about it. Those would be the runners of the Boston Marathon. With temperatures forecast for nearly 90 degrees, race organizers actually asked runners to consider skipping the 26.2 mile race for health reasons. 4,300 participants decided to sit out the race, while 2,000 runners ended up needing medical attention. Kenyans Wesley Korir and Sharon Cherop won, though the heat meant that they weren't breaking any records this time. Would you ever consider running a marathon? Learn more.

Are the picture-perfect costs worth it?

A stunning dress? Check. A sweet tux rental? Check. Limo? Corsage? Hair? Nails? For seniors going to prom--and their parents who often foot the bill--it's just check after check after check. Prom spending has reached an average of $1,078 per family this year, up from $800 last year. Some parents are willing to drop the cash to help their kids have a special night, while others say that this expensive one-upmanship has gotten out of control. Do you think families should spend that much on prom? Learn more.

Cell phone thieves beware!

Getting your phone stolen is really upsetting--there's no two ways about it. But if it's some relief, cell phone thieves will now have a lot more difficulty reselling their stolen goods. A new agreement between major cellphone carriers and the FCC means that phones reported as stolen will be blocked from networks and will be "as worthless as an empty wallet." The agreement is intended to cut into the black market for stolen cell phones. Do you think this measure will help reduce cell phone theft? Learn more.

Dick Clark on the mic

Before MTV, iTunes and YouTube brought the latest music into teen's homes, there was one man who had that job every afternoon: Dick Clark. Clark famously hosted American Bandstand , a music show that played the latest hits and featured popular artists. And he did it from 1956 until 1989. He then went on host a popular annual New Year's Eve show in Times Square. Clark, who was often called "America's oldest teenager," died this week at 82. How do you find out about new music nowadays? Learn more.

Teen deaths from prescription drug abuse have increased.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a new report about child and teen deaths. The good news: the death rate for those 19 and under has dropped from 2000 to 2009. The bad news: there has been an alarming jump in teen deaths from prescription drug abuse. And accidental injuries remain the leading cause of death for youths ages 1 - 19. Why do you think the teen death rate dropped over ten years? Learn more.


Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe easy. Students in Brooklyn are using meditation to deal with challenges at school and at home. And many teens say that it is helping them learn about themselves and their emotions. At Bushwick High School, students who've gotten in fights can now opt to take meditation classes instead of traditional punishment. La-keeyatta Steward, a 17-year-old who has worked to bring meditation to others, said, "You notice yourself and find out what kind of a person you really are." Have you ever tried meditating? Learn more.
Which country celebrated its military, even after a failed rocket launch?
North Korea
Which group targeted embassies in Afghanistan?
The Taliban
Where did President Obama travel this week?
South America
What flew on the back of a jumbo jet in Washington, DC?
The space shuttle Discovery
What event was held during a heat wave in Boston?
The Boston Marathon
What are teens frequently spending more than $1,000 on?
Their proms
A new program is hoping to reduce the theft of what item?
Cell phones
Which celebrity, who hosted New Year's Eve bashes, died this week?
Dick Clark
What cause of death for teenagers has increased?
Overdosing on prescription pills
What activity is all about relaxing and clearing your mind?
Meditation. To take a deep breath, and we'll see you next week.

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