April 27, 2012

Zimmerman's Apology & Tsunami Debris

Happy Earth Day,
Did you go green? Plant a tree?
Or pick up trash and help clean?

The East Coast saw a storm that was mean,
With rain, sleet, snow and everything in between.
Now that's what you call a nor'easter,
Even though it's April, it's colder than a freezer.

They found debris, it was Japanese.
The tsunami disaster sent it to Alaska.
Romney's campaign is moving faster,
With a five win sweep, there's no time to sleep.

George Zimmerman's been released to the streets,
Out on bail of a 150 Gs.
At the bond hearing he made an apology,
But the family said it's not the right time. Would you agree?

Let's see, by now it's well known,
That Iran captured the US drone.
And now they're saying that they got info,
And they're making a copy of it. But is it that simple?

Introducing, the teacher of the year:
Rebecca Mieliwocki
, everybody say yeahhhh,
And shout out to all the teachers, 'cause they work hard,
Plus they give you the grades for your report card.

BP needs to be on guard,
The feds are arresting for the oil spill y'all.
Where do they start? With an engineer,
Accused of deleting info out of fear.

When lava's coming at you, bet you wanna disappear,
Mt. Etna in Italy erupted something severe.
That's another (WHAT?!) Week in Rap for your ear,
It's the NBA playoffs yo, we're outta here!

Many people plant trees to celebrate Earth Day.

Americans celebrated Earth Day for the 42nd time this Sunday. The tradition began in 1970 as a pro-environmental reaction to a major oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. Now Earth Day is a way to focus on environmental issues like climate change and clean energy, with the goal of preserving the planet for generations to come. Did you celebrate Earth Day? Learn more.

A nor'easter viewed from space

The sweet taste of summer came to an end last weekend as a nor'easter pummeled the East Coast. Heavy rain--and even snow in some spots--kept people indoors and caused the cancellation of some Earth Day plans. But the 2-3 inches rain were actually good for thirsty plants, since precipitation has been lower than normal so far this year. Did you experience the nor'easter? Learn more.

Floating debris

By this point, you've probably seen many pictures of the destruction that resulted from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. But the disaster debris has spread outward, too. Refrigerators, TVs and other objects have been floating through the Pacific toward the US. This week, a volleyball and soccer ball from a Japanese school landed in Alaska. As more floating debris reaches land, it poses risks for sea life. Who should be responsible for cleaning up the debris? Learn more.

Romney is on a roll.

Even though nearly everyone agrees that Mitt Romney will be the Republican presidential nominee, the primaries are still going. They're mostly a formality. Romney easily swept the primaries in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York on Tuesday. And instead of competing with other Republicans, Romney is acting like he is in the general election and going after President Obama. He's now looking into picking a vice president, raising money and gaining endorsements. Who do you think will be the vice presidential nominee? Learn more.

George Zimmerman

After an extended period of time, George Zimmerman was arrested for the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. But now he's out of jail again after posting his $150,000 bail. The amount was far lower than the $1 million bail requested by the prosecution. During his bail hearing, Zimmerman also issued an apology to the Martin family, though the family said that they thought the apology came at the wrong time, and was just being used as a ploy for the media. Do you think it was right for Zimmerman to apologize when he did? Learn more.

Iran displayed the US drone that it recovered

A drone is an unmanned aircraft that can fly autonomously, or without a human on board. They're currently used by the military in overseas missions--often for spying purposes. A US drone went down in Iran last year. Now Iran is saying that they've recovered classified data from the spy plane, and that they're working to reverse engineer the drone to build their own copy. Washington is skeptical that Iran is telling the truth, though. What are benefits and downsides of using drone aircrafts? Learn more.

Mieliwocki with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

Congratulations to Rebecca Mieliwocki! President Barack Obama named her the 2012 National Teacher of the Year. Mieliwocki is a 7th grade English teacher in Burbank California. She is known for inspiring and motivating her students. Who would you name Teacher of the Year at your school? Learn more.

Pelicans covered in oil

The explosion of BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico two years ago killed 11 people and caused the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history. Two years later, the first arrest related to the disaster has been made. BP engineer Kurt Mix was arrested for intentionally deleting more than 300 text messages that said that the company's efforts to control the spill were failing. This arrest is part of a larger case against BP, with a possible $7.8 billion settlement coming between BP and people affected by the spill. Despite the large settlement amount, some shrimp processors think it isn't enough to make up for destroyed livelihoods. How do you think BP should be held accountable for the spill? Learn more.

Mt. Etna at sunset

Mt. Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe, is also one of the most active volcanoes in the world. This week, the volcano gave local residents quite a show when it spewed red hot lava up into the sky. Have you ever seen a volcano? Learn more.

It's playoff time!

The NBA got a late start this year after a lockout in the fall. So after just 66 games, it's already time for the playoffs. The first games will be played on Saturday, and they'll continue throughout the spring. The top-seeded teams are the San Antonio Spurs and the Chicago Bulls. But they'll face a lot of competition before anyone hoists the trophy. Who do you think will win it all? Learn more.
What annual event was celebrated last Sunday?
Earth Day
What type of storm struck the Northeast last weekend?
A nor'easter
Where did debris from the Japanese tsunami wash up?
Which Republican candidate is the presumed nominee for the general election?
Mitt Romney
What did Zimmerman do at his bail hearing?
Apologize to the Martin family
What did Iran capture and is trying to copy?
An unmanned US spy plane or "drone"
What award did Rebecca Mieliwocki win?
National Teacher of the Year
What happened to a BP employee this week related to the oil spill?
He was arrested.
What volcano erupted?
Mt. Etna
What begins for the NBA this week?
The playoffs...we're off to watch them. See you next week!

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