April 29, 2011

Southern Tornadoes and Obama's Birth Certificate

Uh huh, it’s the Week in Rap
Yup – what it do
It’s Flocab and we’re br /inging you the news
Now, first on the checklist – Texas
The wildfires have been running reckless
There’s so many acres burned into vapors
That they need more fire fighters, any takers?
And Mother Nature – well she ain’t helping
We had heat & high winds, but no rain fell

But in Yemen maybe you could exhale
The president said that he’s stepping down -
or well…
He said that he would in a month
But you could say that ain’t what the opposition wants

Here’s something that I’ve never seen once
A high school senior really pulled a stunt
She faked her pregnancy as a class project
on stereotypes and being treated like an object

Speaking of being born
Have ya’ll peeped the Obama drama going on?
People wanted his birth certificate
Then he pulled it out like,
“Hey guys this is it”

People in the Midwest ought to pitch a fit
The weather they’ve had recently is ridiculous
Storms! Tornadoes! Floods!
Alabama got hit too – let’s give them love

And if you got a Playstation, yup
They got hacked so holler at your creditors

Arizona’s crazy let me set it up
There’s students protesting the beginning of
A ban on classes for ethnic studies
But the kids want something for everybody

It’s Flocab and that’s what we want too
This has been the Week In Rap
Catch ya’ll in a few
Where have wildfires been burning out of control?
What document did Obama show to the public?
His birth certificate
What gaming system got hacked?

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