April 6, 2012

Baylor's Perfect Season & Mind-Reading Tools

Listen! Flocab, with a spring to the step,
And we're bringing all the news that you need in your head.

Things got wild in the Bluegrass State,
Kentucky men won, how are you gonna hate?
The Baylor Bears could not be stopped,
The ladies were perfect, and I'm not shocked.

A Supreme Court decision made the news,
If you get arrested, you might end up nude.
Even for a minor offense,
You can get strip-searched, that's the law of the land.

We knew a lot of people died in the Civil War,
A new study shows it was a lot more
750,000? That's a lot,
Some died of disease, others got shot.

And what might just blow your mind,
That’s more than all other American wars combined.
Tragedy in Oakland, no love,
One man killed seven, harboring a grudge.

Rebels in Syria got love from the US,
We want to keep them high-tech and well dressed.
New technology is insane,
They’re trying to read Stephen Hawking’s brain.

Apple announced it will bump the pay,
And boost the benefits for those who make
Your shiny iPhones and computers,
So it’s a new day, someone tell the rooster...

And the chickens, but no wonder why,
Some states outlaw chicks dipped in dye.
Romney won three states, was attacked by Obama,
If they square off, that's drama.

Week in Rap, you can play it for you mama mañana,
Check how we flip it, Benihana. We out.

Anthony Davis, doing what he does best

It's April now. And with the end of March came the end of March Madness. The Kentucky Wildcats reigned victorious over the Kansas Jayhawks. The team won their eighth NCAA title in men's basketball. And the Wildcats's star, freshman Anthony Davis, is expected to be the number one pick in this summer's NBA draft. Were you rooting for the Wildcats? Learn more.

The perfect Bears

Meanwhile, over in women's basketball, the Baylor Bears accomplished a feat never seen before in NCAA history for a men's or women's team. The team beat out Notre Dame 80-61 in the finals, completing a perfect 40-0 season. The team was led by the talented--and extremely tall--Brittney Griner. The 6-foot-8 sensation scored 26 points in the final game…and she can dunk! Despite the fact that Griner could possibly earn over $1 million playing basketball professionally overseas, she's planning to return to Baylor for her senior year. Do you think Griner made the right choice? Learn more.

The Supreme Court

Following three days of hearings on the health care law last week, The Supreme Court is back with the controversy. On Monday, they ruled 5 - 4 that jailers could conduct invasive strip searches on arrested people, even if they had only committed a minor offense. Officials conduct these searches to make sure no weapons, drugs or contraband materials wind up in jails. The majority judges argued that in the case of jails, security is more important than privacy rights. Do you think that the Supreme Court decision is right? Learn more.

Civil War casualties

A new study shows that the number of people who died in The Civil War is actually much higher than people previously believed. Historians had been relying on a study from 1889, which said that 618,222 people died in the war. But by new calculations, the number may actually be closer to 750,000. Regardless, this makes the Civil War the deadliest war for Americans in history. Why do you think it is so difficult to get accurate casualty counts in wars? Learn more.

Oakland from the air

Seven people were killed at Oikos University, a small Christian college in Oakland, California. The suspect, One Goh, had been expelled from Oikos for behavioral problems, and has since admitted that he was targeting a school administrator and former classmates who he believed had treated him unfairly. This is the deadliest shooting rampage on a college campus since the Virginia Tech University tragedy in 2007. Why do you think school shootings are particularly tragic? Learn more.

Syrian rebels

Last week we reported that Kofi Annan's UN mediation work in Syria wasn't working to stop government violence on citizens. So now nations are looking to step up efforts. Russia and China are currently blocking the UN from taking military action, so nations who want to stop President Bashar Assad's attacks are working around that. The United States and dozens of other countries have pledged money and communications tools to help the rebels in their mission. But they aren't sending weapons. If countries are paying and supplying the local military, do you think that the same as taking military action? Learn more.

Stephen Hawking

Mind reading might become a reality, though the name of a new mind-reading tool is straight out of science fiction. Meet iBrain. It's a little device that can be worn like a headband, and it picks up waves of electric brain signals. Stephen Hawking, the physicist who has been paralyzed by Lou Gehrig's disease, currently communicates by twitching his cheek. But that communication system is beginning to fail, and with the iBrain, there is promise that he'll be able to communicate using just his thoughts. Would you want to wear a machine that could read your thoughts? Learn more.

Foxconn workers

Earlier this year, violations of labor laws at Foxconn, a factory that makes Apple products, came to light. Apple agreed to do another audit of the labor practices there, and it became clear that Foxconn was violating overtime laws. Now Foxconn has pledged to limit overtime hours and keep pay the same, effectively raising the hourly wage. Product prices are not expected to increase as a result of this change. Do you know about the labor practices behind other products that you buy? Learn more.

Dyed chicks

Many people celebrate Easter each year by dyeing eggs in vibrant colors. But some are taking the celebrations a step further and dyeing the actual chicks. To get these unnaturally-colored birds, farmers can inject an egg with food coloring 3 days before it hatches. This dyeing practice is illegal in about half the states, but it recently became legal again in Florida. While the color doesn't expressly harm the bird, animal rights activists are concerned that people purchase the chicks for some Easter fun only to leave them at shelters when they grow tired of them. Do you think that people should be able to dye chicks? Learn more.

Mitt Romney seems to be getting closer to the nomination.

This Tuesday, Mitt Romney won Republican primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Though Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich are still in the race, it is becoming increasingly unlikely that another Republican candidate could beat Romney. Another sign that Romney may gain the nomination is that President Obama officially spoke out against him, effectively beginning a heated general election. Romney is now also targeting Obama in his speeches, rather than other Republican candidates. Do you think that Santorum, Paul and Gingrich will continue campaigning? Learn more.
Which team won the men's basketball NCAA championship?
The Kentucky Wildcats
Which women's basketball team won?
The Baylor Bears
What did the the Supreme Court rule is legal to do to arrested people?
Strip-search them
In what war did 750,000 Americans die?
The Civil War
What city experienced a deadly school shooting this week?
Oakland, California
What will the US be giving to rebels in Syria?
Money and technology
Which scientist may benefit from a new brain-reading device?
Stephen Hawking
What company will raise pay for workers in China?
Which Republican candidate won three primaries this week?
Mitt Romney
What do some people do to chicks around Easter?
Dye them. We'll see you next week!

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