April 8, 2011

Koran Burning and Title IX Debate

The Week in Rap
April the 8th
It’s Flocab ain’t no way you can hate
First we’re headed to the sunshine state
Where they’re burning a Koran
it’s making people irate
In Afghanistan there were protests
People died it was wild
Where should we go next?

Let’s set sail over to Yale
There’s something going on that could make you turn pale
Sixteen students are filing a Title IX
Saying there’s dark secrets and the light will shine
they said its a bad place for women
harassment & misconduct have been a given

and Libya's been like a prison
War took away their everyday way of living
Gadhafi even wrote our President
asking for NATO to stop bombing his residence

Wait – let me read what this says again
This piece of news is so crazy that your head will spin
There’s talks about shutting down the government
It’s beef between the democrats and republicans
they can’t seem to turn a budget in
and we’re running out of bucks
but when does it end

Good news starts in Connecticut
UConn won the men’s tournament with etiquette
For the women it was Texas A&M
Congratulations is what you can say to them

But in Africa’s Ivory Coast
There’s a different reason to propose a toast
The war-torn country has voted a new leader
the old one won’t leave though – he’s not eager

It’s Flocab coming through your receiver
Giving you the week in rap
We don’t need nothing back either
What Ivy League university saw students filing a Title IX complaint?
What did Gadhafi ask for when he wrote President Obama?
For NATO to stop bombing his residence
Who won the men's college basketball tournament?
The University of Connecticut

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