August 10, 2012

A Mars Landing & A Shooting in Wisconsin

It’s Friday August 10th,
Pretty soon for everyone school is back in.
So to keep you up to date, Flocab’s in the place,
Giving you all the news like it’s food on your plate.
Yo, now take a look at the stars,
Did you know that we landed a rover on Mars?
And it’s called Curiosity,
It's trying to see if there was life there possibly.
But now we got to leave, come back to Earth,
In Syria the situation may have took a turn.
You see their Prime Minister defected,
Joined the revolution
, he had to make an exit.
Coming up next is, yep you guessed it,
The Olympics and our star contestant.
It's Mr. Michael Phelps, he’s going out on top,
With 22 medals and he’s ready to stop.
But it’s about the ladies now,
For some countries it’s the first time they were allowed.
Saudi Arabia, Brunei & Qatar,
It’s a big step for women to now be where they are.
And Usain Bolt from Jamaica,
Is the fastest man alive
but now it’s time to take a
Trip to Milwaukee, but it’s quite sad,
At a Sikh Temple people died from an attack.
Many were wounded, 6 were killed,
And now we can only hope to rebuild.
And I guess that the beans have been spilled,
Some students at MIT are pretty thrilled.
They found a way to beat the state lotto,
Using mathematics
, the whole team got dough.
It’s Flocab, we keep it hot so,
We gotta keep it moving, there's no time to stop, yo!
And we out!

So that's what Mars looks like!

On Monday morning, scientists at NASA high-fived more than a few times when they landed a rover named Curiosity on Mars. Curiosity is the product of a $2.5 billion investment. The rover will spend at least two years exploring Mars and sending data back to NASA. What do you think we can learn from exploring Mars? Learn more.

Syria Prime Minister Riad Hijab defected from his position.

Riad Hijab was only Prime Minister of Syria for two months. But despite his short term, he sent a serious message when he stepped down from his position to join the uprising that has been ongoing since March 2011. He was the first member of the Syrian cabinet to resign, and upon resignation, he called Bashar al-Assad's rule a "terrorist, murderous regime." Do you think that his defection is a sign that the Assad's rule is beginning to falter? Learn more.

Michael Phelps has left the building!

After finishing his fourth Olympics, Michael Phelps has officially retired. He ended his career in style with record-breaking numbers for both gold medals and total medals at Olympics. What do you think Phelps should do next? Learn more.

Sarah Attar, one of the first female athletes representing Saudi Arabia at the Olympic Games

While Americans have been closely following the fates of their favorite female gymnasts or volleyball players for years, this is the first time that women from Saudi Arabia, Brunei or Qatar could compete at all. While they may not be breaking records yet, the fact that these women can even compete is a significant symbolic step for gender equality in their home nations. Why do you think it took so long for women from these countries to be able to compete? Learn more.

Bolt, "Bolting"

Usain Bolt won the gold for the 100 meters in Beijing in 2008, and on Sunday he defended that title at the London games with another first-place finish. He ran the race in an astounding 9.63 seconds--the second-fastest time in history. Who ran the fastest time? Usain Bolt. Then on Thursday, he swooped up the gold in the 200 meters. No big deal. How do you think that Bolt trained to run so quickly? Learn more.

On Sunday morning, a man went to a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and shot and killed six people, wounding three others. The man, Wade M. Page, was then killed by the police. The specific motive behind the shooting is unknown, but many believe that it was a racially targeted act of terrorism. Mr. Page was a musician in a white-supremacist band and was affiliated with Neo-Nazi groups. Only two weeks after the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, this tragic shooting continues to raise questions about the role of guns in society. Do you think these two shootings will affect gun policies in the United States? Learn more .

When you go to class in buildings that look like this, you sometimes get crazy ideas.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is famous for producing leaders in math and science. But these students and researchers aren't just building computers and curing diseases... they're also making bank. Following in the footsteps of the students who won millions by counting cards, a group of MIT students figured out how to game the Massachusetts lottery. While it wasn't technically illegal, the state canceled the game. But only after the group had earned almost $8 million. Does this inspire you to do your math homework with a little more gusto? Learn more.
A NASA rover landed on what planet?
In what country did the Prime Minister defect from his position to join the revolution?
Which record-smashing swimmer is now officially retired?
Michael Phelps
Women from which countries competed in the Olympics for the first time?
Saudi Arabia, Brunei and Qatar
Who is the "fastest man alive"?
Usain Bolt
What happened at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin?
6 people were killed in a terrorist shooting.
Students from which university used math to win the lottery?
It's Flocab, we keep it hot so...
We gotta keep it moving. See you next Friday!

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