August 17, 2012

Romney Picks a VP & Curiosity Sends Back Pictures

Ayo it's Flocab - you know we can rap,
Back with another recap, Week in Rap.
This week, the Olympics closed,
And the USA brought home the most gold.
With so many people living in America,
Is it really fair to count medals up?

I mean, if we just counted mentions on Twitter,
Usain Bolt would be the big winner.
Romney wants to win big,
This week he made his VP pick.
It’s Paul Ryan
, some call him a star,
Others think that his budget cuts go too far.
'Cause he wants to cut programs for the poor,
He says that it’s something we can ill afford.
The Marlboro Man just choked,
In Australia, no logos on smokes.
The toughest cigarette laws ever,
To make their health get better.
The weather in the Midwest had so little rain,
And July was the hottest month we've ever seen.
So there’s wildfires, terrible crops,
And I don’t even know if it’s gonna get better or not.
I might move to Mars, possibly,
But the new pics satisfy my Curiosity.
Look what we can accomplish,
The Air Force tested a plane that hit Mach 6.
That’s crazy fast, but lay off the gas,
'Cause a lot of cars you drive aren’t safe in a crash.
Even fancy cars didn’t win,
So I’mma Tokyo drift on my Schwinn.
They say AU, like we’re so gold,
Week in Rap, Flocab, now you know, let’s go!

The closing ceremonies

The Olympics wrapped up last weekend with closing ceremonies on Sunday night. The United States came out with the most gold and the most total medals (46 and 104, respectively), followed by China and Great Britain. If population of the countries is taken into account, though, then the United States comes in 50th in medals per capita. Grenada, with just one gold medal but a population of only 104,000, comes in first. What was your favorite event at the summer Olympics? Learn more.

When you're that fast, you can pose however you want.

Usain Bolt was mentioned more than any other Olympic athlete on Twitter and Facebook during the London Olympics. During his 100-meter race, 80,000 tweets per minute mentioned him. Bolt was mentioned on Twitter over a million times. Who was your favorite Olympic athlete? Learn more.

Mitt Romney with his new running mate, Paul Ryan

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced his vice presidential running mate on Saturday: Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin congressman. Ryan has served in the House of Representatives for almost fourteen years. Amongst Republicans, reactions to the announcement have been favorable, with conservatives describing him as a well-suited addition to Romney's side in this race. Many Democrats are concerned, though, about Ryan's approach to economic and social issues. Have you been following the presidential race so far? If not, are you planning to start following it? Learn more.

You'll only see images like this, and you won't see the brand.

Australia is going to implement the toughest cigarette legislation yet. Starting in December, cigarette companies will not be allowed to put their logos on cigarette packaging. Instead, all packages will look the same, bearing illustrated health warnings on a plain background. The Australian government believes this will deglamorize and discourage smoking. Do you think this law is fair? Learn more.

Water. Need water.

Much of the United States is currently facing a severe drought. 78 percent of the country is experiencing drought conditions, and almost a quarter of the country is in extreme or exceptional drought, the two most severe classifications. The drought dramatically affects production of many crops, as farming states like Idaho and Nebraska are the ones experiencing the worst of it. This follows a July that was the hottest on record. All of which NASA scientists and others are attributing to global warming. What are some of the consequences of a major drought? Learn more.

A wildfire

The dry conditions created by the drought have led to wildfires across the West in Washington, Idaho, Utah, and California. Some of these fires are in remote forest areas and can burn without affecting anyone, but others are destroying the homes of animals and humans alike. How can we improve fire safety? Learn more.

One of the color photographs sent back from Mars

In the time since the Curiosity rover landed on Mars last week, it's been sending pictures and video back to NASA. So far, it has sent back the first 360-degree view of Gale Crater, where it landed. Aside from pictures, Curiosity will also be analyzing Gale's rocks for evidence of chemicals necessary for life. Do you think humans will land on Mars in your life time? Learn more.

A U.S. Air Force illustration of the X-51 in flight.

The Air Force tested a plane on Tuesday that could fly at Mach 6--six times the speed of sound. So far this experimental aircraft, designed by Boeing, has not been able to fly at its top speed for longer than five minutes. Would you like flying in a plane that fast? Learn more.

"Drive safely, y'all!"

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety performed new crash tests with 11 luxury and near-luxury cars and found only 3 of them acceptable. These tests were designed to mimic real crashes, testing the cars in partial rather than full collisions. Hopefully, these results will lead to improved safety design that will minimize deaths in car accidents. Do you think that car companies should emphasize safety above all over car features? Learn more.
Which country won the greatest number of gold medals?
Which athlete was mentioned the greatest number of times on Twitter?
Usain Bolt
Who will be running for VP with Mitt Romney?
Paul Ryan
What cannot be on cigarette boxes anymore in Australia?
Logos of cigarette brands
What important natural occurrence has been missing from the Midwest?
What have the droughts caused?
What is the name of the new Mars rover?
How fast can the new Air Force jet go?
Mach 6
What was discovered about some luxury cars?
They are not safe in crashes.
Week in Rap, Flocab, now you know...
Let's go! See you in 7 days!

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