August 19, 2011

The Week in Rap is Back!

Flocabulary yeah we’re running the track,
You better believe The Week in Rap is back!
How's your summer? Did you hit the beach? Maybe get a tan?
Get paid? Sitting in the shade? Maybe go to camp?

Well, you survived it, yeah you made it,
Went up a grade and got upgraded.
Republicans, they started to campaign,
They want to win the White House and pop champagne.

Obama? He hit the campaign too,
If you saw his big bus, you know that he came through.
In SF, the city stopped a protest,
In the subway by making it so no one could text.

Overseas, London burned like a Clash song,
And the Brits were afraid this clash would last long.
Imagine protesting in the Middle East,
And getting rolled over by tanks and police,

And getting shot with missiles from ships,
In Syria, we've seen all of this.
You know what's not a blast? The blasts in Iraq,
42 coordinated attacks.

Now, most of us know smoking isn't good,
Graphic new packs will make it more understood,
They're going to feature pics of rotting teeth,
Unless it gets stopped by tobacco companies.

Google already has plenty to do,
Apparently, now they want to make cell phones, too.
And did you know bullying affects your grades?
I mean grade-wide you will get less As,

All the bullies out there, here's a thought:
Why don't ya’ll go take a long walk off a short dock?
With skills sick like a fried stick of butter,
Flocab – yeah we're back, hope you had a nice summer!

Even though the 2012 election is well over a year away, Republican presidential hopefuls have already begun to campaign. Last week eight candidates debated in Iowa, with particularly heated exchanges between Rep. Michelle Bachmann and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. Pawlenty has already dropped out of the game. Meanwhile, Texas Governor Rick Perry joined the race after the debate. Who do you think has the best chance of becoming the Republican candidate? Learn more .

President Barack Obama traveled through the Midwest to meet with citizens and learn about their views. According to the White House, the trip is merely a presidential tour to get in touch with the people. But critics suggest that Obama is getting started on his 2012 campaign, to gain back some spotlight from the Republican debates. Do you think the President has begun his campaign? Learn more .

In San Francisco, people were planning to protest a shooting on BART, the Bay Area subway. In an effort to stop the protest, BART officials blocked wireless service on the trains. But now people are wondering whether BART violated the First Amendment right to free speech. Do you think people have a right to cellphone service? Learn more .

After a police officer shot a young man in London, riots spread through the city, and eventually through the whole country. Businesses and homes were destroyed as city blocks burned. Now, the United Kingdom is trying to figure out how the situation spiraled out of control so quickly. Why do you think the riots spread, even though many rioters didn't know the person who was killed? Learn more .

For the past five months, Syrian citizens have been protesting the rule of President Bashar Assad. The President has used the military against the people to suppress the protests. Over four days this past week, 35 people were killed. The Syrian government claims that it is trying to crack down on terrorists, but human rights groups say that it has mostly been unarmed civilians who have been targeted and killed. Do you think that foreign nations should intervene? Learn more .

Over 60 people were killed as bombs exploded in over a dozen Iraqi cities. Al-Qaeda coordinated the attacks to go off on Monday morning as a demonstration of their remaining power and ability to harm. Do you think American forces should remain in Iraq to help Iraqis fight Al-Qaeda? Learn more .

To warn people about the dangers of smoking, the U.S. government now requires cigarette companies to include graphic warning labels on cigarette cartons. Gone are the days of labels like, "Smoking may cause cancer." These labels are serious. One label displays a large picture of a dead body above the words, "WARNING: Smoking can kill you." While these warnings will help convince teens not to smoke, can you guess what group isn't too happy about them? Cigarette companies. Four cigarette companies filed a lawsuit to fight the gory labels. Do you you think cigarette companies should be forced to display these warnings? Learn more .

Google isn't just dominating search anymore--they're going mobile. This week, Google bought the cell phone maker Motorola. And since Google is usually on top of technology trends, Google must believe that mobile technology will become even more important in the future. Do you think Google made a good decision? Learn more .

Bullying doesn't just ruin students days. It can have serious psychological consequences. And a new study has shown that it affects grades, too. The study found that schools with frequent bullying scored 6% lower on state tests than schools without rampant bullying. Do you think your school has a bullying problem? Learn more .

What political party has already begun to campaign?
The Republican Party
How did President Obama travel through the Midwest?
In a giant armored bus
What did San Francisco officials shut down to stop a protest?
Cell phone service
What city was burning "like a Clash song"?
In which Middle Eastern country were people shot at by the government?
What Middle Eastern country suffered 42 attacks on the same day?
What will be featured on cigarette packs to stop people from smoking?
Graphic images of rotting teeth and corpses.
Which tech company now wants to make cell phones?
What can affect your grades?
Who has skills sick like a fried stick of butter?
Flocab! Thanks for checking out The NEW Week in Rap!

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