August 24, 2012

Arctic Ice Melts & Curiosity Keeps Exploring

But of course it's August 24th,
And Flocab's got the news straight from the source.
To start off, here's something to feel good,
Tom Kelly spread love to his neighborhood.
12 years ago he told a big group of kids,
He was gonna take care of all their college, and he did.
How about some history, did you see in Boston,
They sailed in our oldest warship? It was awesome.
At over 200 years old,
The USS Constitution's still down to roll.
The Arctic Sea ice will hit an all-time low,
And it's probably not because the earth is getting too cold.
What's worse is the effects - we don't know,
What happens in the North Pole can affect the whole globe!
Meanwhile on Mars, Curiosity
Was flexing its robot arm, and it's got to be

The very first time that it ever got to use,
The 7-foot arm that's tricked out with tools.
And it took its first cruise. Now off to Japan,
Where they're having a big fight with China over land.

A chain of islands - the Japanese landed,
To stake their claim and the Chinese can't stand it.
Back home on the West Coast,
Wildfires in NorCal are getting too close.
So they had to evacuate before they got burned,
When the winds picked up is when it took a bad turn.
But how about Bill Gates, I'm not trying to spoil it,
But he issued a challenge to reinvent the toilet.
The winner was solar powered and it turned waste
Back to water or energy to power the place.
When it comes to the news Flocab is on the case,
That's another Week in Rap, boy in your face!

The Greensboro Georgia Dreamers

Twelve years ago, businessman Tom Kelly made a promise to 54 students in Greensboro, Georgia. When the students were in first grade, Kelly said that he would help them pay for college in exchange for their commitment to their education. That included studying after school, on weekends and even in the summer. The students kept up their end of the deal. And now, so is Kelly. All of the students graduated from high school this year, and the majority are starting college this fall with tuition completely covered. Do you want to go to college? How do you plan to pay for it? Learn more.

The USS Constitution

The 215-year-old USS Constitution sailed across Boston Harbor last week to commemorate a battle in the War of 1812. “Old Ironsides” defeated a British warship in battle 200 years ago. How do you think people kept the boat in such good shape? Learn more.

Melting Ice

Arctic ice may reach a record low if melting continues at the current rate. Arctic ice decline is one of the primary effects of climate change. As the ice melts, extreme weather changes have been occurring worldwide, including the harsher winters and sweltering summers. The lack of summer ice in the Arctic may open the area up to more oil drilling and shipping lanes. What do you think will be some of the likely effects of climate change? Learn more.


Curiosity is preparing to take soil samples on Mars. The rover is equipped with a 7-foot arm and a tool kit that includes everything it needs to search for evidence of the possibility of life on the planet. And this week, it even rolled around a little bit. When you're on a distant planet, rolling around a little bit is a pretty big deal. Would you ever consider making a trip to Mars if it became an option? Learn more.

The island in question

Territorial disputes over islands claimed by both Japan and China were aggravated last week when activists from Japan landed on one of the islands. These islands, called the Senkaku by Japan and the Diaoyu by China, are also claimed by Taiwan. No consensus has been reached as to who owns or controls them. Meanwhile, another set of islands are in dispute between Japan and South Korea. Some fear that growing tensions could lead to war. How do you think these countries can settle the dispute over this land? Learn more.

The wildfires burn.

Wildfires continue to rage in the west. Thousands have been told to evacuate their homes due to out-of-control fires in California, Utah, Washington, and Idaho. Many have been successfully extinguished, but others remain uncontained. How do you think firefighters contain the fires? Learn more.

Others have thought creatively about toilets before.

Bill Gates had a competition to reimagine the toilet. The challenge was designed with people who don't have access to running water or electricity in mind. The most successful entries allowed the toilet to turn the waste into energy, animal feed, irrigation water, or other resources. Gates is now funding some of the projects to take their ideas even further. If you were going to redesign the toilet, how would you do it? Learn more.
Where is ice hitting an all time low?
The Arctic Sea
What promise did Tom Kelly keep?
He is paying for a group of students to go to college.
What is the name of the warship that sailed this week?
The USS Constitution
What did Curiosity do this week?
Flexed its arm and rolled around!
What are Japan and China fighting over?
Who can claim a chain of islands
What natural disaster is spreading through Northern California?
What did Bill Gates challenge people to redesign?
The toilet
When it comes to the news...
Flocab is on the case! See you next Friday!

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