August 26, 2011

Earthquakes Rattle as Libyans Battle

We're back on the job,
Flocab's bringing the news, it don't stop.
The summer's hot, especially in Libya.
Looks like they told Gadhafi, "We're gettin' riddya!"

And in Gaza - the strip don't quit
Israelis and Palestinians staying equipped
Rockets in the air even though they had a truce
The fight goes on like they got nothing to lose.

Now how about Irene?
The hurricane causing much damage on the scene.
Yo, now it's on the move,
Coming to a Southeastern state near you.

You know who: It's Momma Nature.
She had the earth quaking in the states something major.
Colorado to New Mexico,
Which US Fault line will be the next to go?
Who would've thought the DC area
Up the east coast, it could've caused hysteria?

What's scarier? Going to jail
In Iran, watch where you hike on a trail.
Americans accidentally crossed the border,
And caught 8 years.
Does that seem out of order?

I caught up some good news for a change:
It's a monument that's Martin Luther King's.
You can spot it at the Mall on Washington
Where once him and a million men came marching in.

Then I move out west,
When's the last time sports caused so much unrest?
Oakland and San Fran:
There was violence between athletes and fans

Flocab keeps it according to plan,
Giving you The Week in Rap that's another grand slam.

Rebels gained power in Libya after months of power struggle. But now, the search is on for the former leader, Muammar el-Gadhafi. People loyal to the old leader continued to fight against the rebels, while NATO stepped into help locate Gadhafi. Stay tuned: This is a story that is far from over. What do you think will happen when Gadhafi is found? Learn more .

Israelis and Palestinians have been battling over land since 1948, when Israel became a state. The two groups had reached an unofficial truce, but it didn't last long. After Palestinian militants in Gaza Strip launched rockets into Israel, the Israeli army retaliated with airstrikes. Leaders on both sides are working toward a ceasefire, but the history of animosity makes all decisions complicated. Do you think other nations should help Israelis and Palestinians reach a truce? Learn more .

Hurricane Irene has already caused flooding in Puerto Rico, and it is working its way up the east coast. The storm is expected to hit North Carolina by Saturday morning, and then continue to prowl north. People who live in the hurricane's path have been warned to take proper precautions. Do you have emergency plans set for possible natural disasters in your area? Learn more .

A 5.3-magnitude earthquake struck Colorado on Monday. It was the strongest earthquake to hit the state in over 40 years. Luckily the earthquake was small, and no injuries were reported. Have you ever experienced an earthquake? Learn more .

Colorado wasn't the only state shaking! The entire east coast felt the effects of a 5.9-magnitude earthquake that was centered in Virginia. The Washington Monument got cracked, but there were no serious injuries. And apparently Twitter travels faster than seismic waves. Some Twitter users in the Northeast read reports of the earthquake online before they actually felt the shaking. How did you learn about the earthquake? How do you think social media services could help people in natural disasters? Learn more .

Getting lost while you're hiking can be dangerous. But if you lose the trail in a hostile nation, you could end up in jail. Two American men were sentenced to eight years in jail after mistakenly crossing into Iran while hiking. Mistake or not, the men did cross the border illegally. Do you think they deserve to go to jail? Learn more .

The Lincoln Memorial and the (now-cracked) Washington Monument were joined by a new Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington, D.C. Other civil-rights exhibitions are on view, including the actual Greensboro Lunch Counter where activists protested segregation in 1960. Why do you think nations make large stone monuments to celebrate important people? Learn more .

A local sports rivalry turned bloody in the Bay Area this week. At an exhibition football game between the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers, two men were shot and another one got beaten up. The NFL has cancelled the exhibition game between the teams indefinitely. What steps can fans and the NFL take to make sports rivalries safer? Learn more .

What Libyan leader is currently in hiding after rebels gained power?
Muammar el-Gadhafi
What Israeli area saw continued violence this week between Israelis and Palestinians?
The Gaza Strip
What hurricane is currently traveling up the east coast?
Hurricane Irene
What seismic events rocked and rattled the United States this week, from Colorado to the east coast?
What country sentenced two lost American hikers to jail for eight years?
What civil right's leader has a new monument in Washington, D.C.?
Martin Luther King, Jr.
What sport saw violence at a pre-season game in San Francisco?
Those were your challenge questions for the week. How did you do?

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