August 3, 2012

The Olympics Begin & An India Power Outage

Heyo it's Flocab, tell us what you brought us,
The Week in Rap, fresh off the presses for August.
You saw half of India was without power,
And they went through it for over 48 hours.
The trains didn’t run, no hot baths,
The largest electrical blackout we’ve ever had.
Now we're on the web, logging on Facebook,
And companies are interested, they wanna take a look.
They use social media to do research,
And discover which products we wanna see first.
What's worse is that in Uganda,
An Ebola breakout gave us something to ponder.
We're talking about a disease with no vaccine,
And if it keeps spreading it could be a bad scene.
And here's something else that you may have heard too,
Baby seals are being infected by the bird flu.
They've been washing up on the shores of New England,
Yup, that's really sad if you let the truth sink in.
Mitt Romney got back from a trip,
Overseas where he seemed to have more than one slip.
But his press secretary stole the show man,
Lashing out at reporters while they were in Poland.
How about the Olympics? Here's a run down,
It seems like the athletes are having fun now.
The US women won gold in gymnastics,
Anyone who saw knows it was fantastic.
Michael Phelps isn't as great as '08,
But as the all-time Olympics medal holder you can’t hate
Badminton players kicked out for trying to lose,
And Jordyn Wieber not in the finals because of rules
These are just a few headlines from the news,
That's another Week in Rap, Flocab we make moves!

The city of New Delhi experienced blackouts.

India experienced the largest electrical blackout in history this week. About 670 people in the north of the country were left without power for two days. While some Indians lamented being left without transportation and water, many citizens didn't really notice because power failures happen there so frequently. In fact, about 300 million Indians don't have regular and reliable access to electricity. By Tuesday the power was back, and officials were left trying to figure out how to prevent another widespread outage. What do you think would happen if half of your country lost power for two days? Learn more.

Flocabulary decided on its upcoming literature song by polling fans on Facebook. Like Flocabulary on Facebook .

When you "like" something on Facebook, it's a way of telling your friends about your interests. But it's also a way for companies to get free market research. Numerous companies, from Frito-Lay to Wal-Mart to MAC Cosmetics, are analyzing customers' posts and "likes" on Facebook and Twitter to help make decisions about new products. Why? If they already know that their customers are enthusiastic, their products are more likely to sell. Do you think companies should be able to use social media data to inform product decisions? Learn more.

A close-up photograph of the Ebola virus particle

The Ebola virus is a deadly and painful disease that was first identified in 1976 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. And a recent outbreak of the virus has caused at least 14 deaths this month in Western Uganda. The virus is particularly notorious because there is no vaccine or treatment, and its fatality rate is between 25 and 90%. Ugandan officials and the World Health Organization are working to contain the outbreak. How do you think officials are able to contain an outbreak? Learn more.

Not the baby seals!

162 baby seals have been washing up on the beaches of New England, and the cause of death is a new strain of the avian flu. To help prevent future disease transmissions between species, scientists are currently trying to learn more about how the virus lept from birds to seals. Would you be interested in studying epidemiology, or the science of how diseases spread? Learn more.

Taking the national campaign abroad

While much of the lead-up to the presidential election involves tirelessly riding the campaign bus from state to state, Mitt Romney hopped on a plane and took his campaign international. With visits to England, Israel and Poland, Romney aimed to show his potential for global leadership. But he had several gaffes throughout the trip, including a tiff with the British Prime Minister when he described London's Olympic preparations as "disconcerting." Then in Poland, Romney's press secretary made news himself when he cursed at journalists during a Q & A session. Do you think that Romney's trip helped his campaign? Learn more.

The opening ceremonies

The Olympics kicked off last Friday with an extravagant opening ceremony. 40.7 million people in the US watched the opening night--the highest viewership ever for an Olympic event. And despite criticisms of NBC for delaying broadcasts of events that happened earlier in the day, ratings have remained high throughout the past week. Have you been watching the Olympics? Have you learned about the results of events before watching at night? Learn more.

The US Women with their gold medals

The US women's gymnastics team won gold for the first time since 1996. The women could barely contain their excitement on Tuesday as they stuck their landings and flipped with ease. Then on Thursday, Gabby Douglas got her second gold medal when she became the first African-American Olympic all-around champion. What is your favorite Olympic sport to watch? Learn more.

Michael Phelps after his surprising defeat by Chad le Clos in the 200 butterfly

The boy from Baltimore isn't going to match his eight gold medals from 2008. But he is still Michael Phelps and he is still breaking records. He's won two golds and two silvers in London so far this year, bringing his total to 20 Olympic medals. When he hit 19 on Tuesday, Phelps became the new record-holder for most Olympic medals ever. Not too shabby. Do you think anyone will ever beat Phelps' Olympic medal record? Learn more.

Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli were disqualified from competition.

What would a big competition be without a little scandal? Four badminton teams from China, South Korea and Indonesia were disqualified from competition after they purposefully lost matches to avoid facing certain teams. A new rule in gymnastics, which only allows two competitors from each country in the all-around finals, excluded top competitor Jordyn Wieber. And a South Korean fencer lost a match she was sure to win after a timer failed. Why do you think there is always some sort of disagreement over rules at the Olympic events? ‬ Learn more about the disqualified badminton players., Jordyn Wieber., and the fencing debacle.
What country had the largest electrical blackout in history?
What are companies using to help with product research?
Social media sites
What disease broke out in Uganda?
The Ebola virus
What animal has been infected with bird flu?
Baby seals
Which presidential candidate went on an international tour?
Mitt Romney
Which team won gold in women's gymnastics?
The United States
What record does Michael Phelps now hold?
Greatest number of Olympic medals
Why were 4 badminton teams kicked out of the games?
They were caught throwing matches
Which Olympic gymnast wasn't able to make it to the finals due to a new and contested rule?
Jordyn Wieber
There are just a few headlines from the news...
That's another Week in Rap, Flocab we make moves. See you in 7 days!

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