August 31, 2012

Hurricane Isaac & on Mars

Here we are at the end of August,
It’s Flocab and you know all we brought is
The news like who's up next to go
Neil Armstrong is gone and yes we know
He was the first on the moon and he took a small step,
But a giant leap is what we all get.
Hurricane Isaac stormed over
New Orleans and much of the Gulf Coast.

A category one — that’s still massive,
And the citizens seem hopeful to get past it.
Apple is telling other cats to stop
Trying to copy their technology.

Should they get an apology?
Well they won the case on the patent,
Now Samsung’s looking around like, ‘Hey what happened’?’s been doing interstellar rapping -
He broadcasted his new single from Mars.

Wanna hear it back? It may take awhile,
Because it has to travel 700 million miles.
Lance Armstrong is still all smiles,
Despite having his entire career defiled.
The US Anti-Doping Agency banned him,
Took away his titles from the Tour de France
Romney & Ryan are officially it,
The Republican nominees voted by the delegates.
But did you hear about the plot to kill the President?
Planned by army soldiers who were US residents.

An armed militia, uncovered by police,
The plot got stopped, man what a relief.
Some play instrumentals that aren’t really there,
Be a champion on a guitar made of air.
It's Flocab and we hope you came prepared
For the Week in Rap, now peace and take care.

First man to moonwalk

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, died on Saturday. Armstrong was the mission commander in the historic Apollo 11 moon landing on July 20, 1969. This remains one of the most significant achievements of the 20th century. Armstrong and his fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin accomplished what only decades earlier many would have thought impossible, and for thousands of years was only the stuff of legend and myth. What feat of exploration do you think you'll witness in your lifetime?
Learn more.

Windy, rainy Isaac

Hurricane Isaac hit Louisiana on Tuesday, seven years after Hurricane Katrina's destruction of New Orleans. Evacuation orders were issued in some lower areas, but many felt safe enough to stay put and wait it out. What should the government do to help people in the event of hurricanes and what should people do themselves?
Learn more.

Apple said: "Stop copying me, Samsung!"

Apple won a patent dispute against Samsung on Saturday. Apple claims that technology in Samsung's smartphones was a direct ripoff of Apple's iPhone. The jury supported this claim, which may mean that the Samsung phones will be removed from the US market. Samsung intends to fight this verdict and take it to higher courts. Do you think Samsung was ripping off the iPhone design?
Learn more. wants more fans throughout the galaxy.

The new Mars rover isn't just there to work. Apparently the Curiosity rover likes to unwind to the Black Eyed Peas. This week NASA had the rover beam's new single from Mars! The song, "Reach for the Stars," travelled back to Earth, where scientists danced to it at the command center. Even though Lil Wayne has claimed that he is a Martian, he was passed over in favor of What song would you have picked to be played from Mars? Learn more.

Lance Armstrong isn't fighting doping charges anymore.

Lance Armstrong has long been a hero to many. After fighting off a cancer that his doctors said he wouldn't survive, he went on to become the best cyclist the world has ever known. He won the most competitive bike race, the Tour de France, seven times in a row. He had been accused of doping - taking performance-enhancing drugs, which violates the rules of the sport. This week he stopped fighting the case by the US Anti-Doping Agency. Many think this means he's acknowledging that he was indeed doping and lying to the world all these years. How do you think we should judge Lance Armstrong? Learn more.

The Republican ticket, surrounded by supporters and flags

Mitt Romney was officially named as the Republican candidate for President on Tuesday afternoon at the Republican National Convention. The political conventions used to be the place where each party would figure out who the candidate would be. Nowadays the candidate is known in advance and the whole thing is basically a big show. Lots of speeches and lots of balloons. Only two months of campaigning remain until the general election in November. Do you think the convention fired up Republican voters? Learn more.

Four soldiers in Georgia may have been part of an anarchist plot to overthrow the government and assassinate the president. Currently, the soldiers are accused of killing one of their own and his girlfriend last December. The remaining claims await further investigation. All four soldiers were stockpiling weapons and had even bought supplies for simple bombs. Do you think Americans do enough to prevent home-grown terror plots? Learn more .

"I bring my air guitar with me everywhere I go."

It's not an Olympic sport, but it's still a competition. This week invisible instrument musicians gathered in Finland for the air guitar championships. Air guitar playing involves pretending to play the guitar even though you aren't holding one. The winner, Justin Howard aka "Nordic Thunder," hails from Chicago. Have you ever played the air guitar? Learn more.
Who was the first man on the moon?
Neil Armstrong
What stormed over the Gulf Coast?
Hurricane Isaac
Who is defending their technology from being copied?
Where did broadcast his new single from?
What did Lance Armstrong lose?
His Tour de France titles
What did Mitt Romney officially receive this week?
The Republican presidential nomination
Who was planning to kill the President?
A group of US soldiers
Who is defending their technology from being copied?

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