December 10, 2010

WikiLeaks and Stars

Happy flow-friday, The Week in Rap,
We keep it zooming like a highway, you feeling that?
So, not everything this week was wicked sweet,
Y’all hear what happened with WikiLeaks?
They (wiki-wiki) leaked a classified list,
Of spots that could be targeted by terrorists,
Some say it’s like giving terrorists a roadmap,
And now the hackers are at war, oh snap!
Democrats think the rich should go back,
To paying higher taxes, Republicans don’t want that,
Obama wants to compromise, but neither side,
Likes giving in, I wonder why?
Where are the smartest kids? Shanghai,
They out-tested the whole world – wait stand by,
This just in, our important top story:
Facebook has made minor changes to their website.
Alright in real news, Cali’s courts are weighing Prop 8,
Is it constitutional to stop gays
From getting married? That’s the decision, it’s a large case,
And the debate won’t stop like a car chase,
Dropout factories are producing more graduates,
That’s good, a diploma’s something you have to get,
A teenager saved her cash and bought a crib,
Not the kind for a little kid; the kind you can live in,
They’re saving energy at UNC Chapel Hill,
They Turned the Lights Down Low like Lauryn Hill,
Who needs light when there’s so many stars?
NASA says there’s three times what they said before,
300 sextillion, it’s absurd,
That’s 50 trillion for each person on Earth,
Get your mind blown, and we’ll be back,
Tune in next week for the Year in Rap.
In which city did kids test the best in the world?
What university is saving energy?
UNC-Chapel Hill
How many stars exist?
300 sextillion!

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