December 3, 2010

Pay Freeze and Rocket Attacks

We’re in December and you know it got cold
Flocab got that news – it’s not old
We hope you had a good holiday though
Thanksgiving is over and done so let’s go
Starting off overseas
Wikileaks had a controversy
Yemen’s President said something risky
About America’s attacks and smuggling whiskey
What’s up next? Okay let’s see
China might have talks with Korea
What could this be?
North Korea just attacked the south
They’re trying to chop it up to see what its all abouthttp:www.cbsnews.comstories20101128worldmain7096186.shtml
Here goes some news that ya’ll should not doubt
Second-hand smoke takes a lotta folks out
A study says 600,000
People a year get killed, now that’s astounding
But to bring it back home
Portland, Oregon had a lot going on
The was a plot to set a bomb at the square
Turns out it it was a sting and the bomb wasn’t there
And here’s some news but you may not care
President Obama had a basketball scare
He took an elbow to the face and caught stitches
Here’s some more news now, let’s see what this is
The Senate just passed a bill
About food safety cause people got ill
They’re trying to increase the standards
Of how our local food and imports get handled
And how about Obama’s pay freeze
He’s suggested for all federal employees
It’s Flocab we about to say peace
We got the news coming back for ya next week
Which country just attacked South Korea?
North Korea
How did Barack Obama injure himself?
Playing basketball
What bill did the Senate pass because people were getting ill?
A food safety bill

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