February 10, 2012

Super Bowl & Toxic Sugar

And we're back with another Week in Rap,
It's Flocab, so let me start speaking.

The Super Bowl broke the record for the most views,
To watch New York win and New England lose.
There's a mystery; here go the clues:
Dolphins washing up on shore - what should we do?
Cape Cod has seen about two hundred,
Scientists are baffled and they wonder, "Who dunnit?"
It looked like Mitt Romney was gonna run it,
He just won Nevada and he had a lotta momentum,
But in comes Rick Santorum.
He just won three states; nobody can ignore him
In Syria - it's getting serious,
President Assad has been causing hysteria.
The West wants him to step down,
But the U.N. can't move, what should they do now?
Well the U.S., they closed their embassy,
I guess they want to do their diplomacy independently.

Well that's how Egypt's rolling,
43 NGO workers and they're gonna hold 'em.
Yeah, they want to take 'em on trial,
For trying to cause unrest and cramping their style.
Have you had a little sugar in awhile?
Well check this out - now don't touch that dial.
There's a doctor who says it is a toxin,
Hit us up online and you can get your thoughts in.
Everybody's talking - at the Los Angeles
Elementary school and how they're gonna handle this:
Allegations of abuse by two teachers,
The whole staff has been removed by truth seekers

Well that's just another snapshot of how the week is,
Check the website if you want to peep this.

The Giants' victory parade

A record 111.3 million viewers tuned in for the Super Bowl on Sunday. 111.3 million viewers were watching as the New England Patriots took the lead in the second quarter. 111.3 million viewers were watching as New England slowly let their lead slip away, and then allowed the New York Giants to score a touchdown with 57 seconds left in the game, in hopes that this would give them more time to score again. 111.3 million viewers happened to notice that the Pats never got around to scoring again, crowning the Giants the 2012 champions. Did you watch the game? Learn more.

Scientists are working quickly to try and prevent more beached dolphins.

Dolphins are known as some of the most intelligent animals in the water, but they've recently been encountering trouble on land. For reasons that scientists can't explain, 147 dolphins have been stranded on the beaches of Cape Cod. Volunteers with the International Fund for Animal Welfare have successfully rescued 38 dolphins and released them back into the water, but scientists are trying to get to the root of this mystery to prevent further dolphin deaths. Possible theories include the possibility that the dolphin food supply is too close to land, the warm winter is confusing them, or that the very social creatures are following a misguided dolphin leader onto land. Even dolphins might be susceptible to peer pressure! What are other ways that non-scientists can volunteer for animal welfare? Learn more.

Hey guys! I'm still in this.

A week ago, the press was painting Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate to go head to head with President Obama this fall. But more and more, it's seeming that the Republican Primary race really won't be over until it's over. Rick Santorum, who was previously trailing behind Romney and Newt Gingrich, won Minnesota and Colorado caucuses as well as the Missouri primary. Commentators are suggesting that Santorum's wins are a sign that the Mitt Romney does not have broad appeal to the Republican Party. But we'll see what they're saying next week. As always, stay tuned... Do you think a clear candidate will emerge before the Republican National Convention this summer? Learn more.

The U.S. Embassy emblem

Last March during Arab Spring, peaceful protests against Syria's current regime began. But peace was not met with peace, and President Bashar Assad's government forces have violently attacked protesters. The United Nations attempted to pass a resolution to help resolve the ongoing crisis, but Russia and China vetoed it. In the wake of the failed resolution, rebel Syrian soldiers are concerned that Assad will continue with his deadly crackdown against dissenters. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has suggested that the United States and other "friends of democratic Syria" may unite to formally help the Syrian rebels. The United States also closed its embassy in Syria to show that it is serious about taking action. Do you think the United States has a responsibility to help stop the violence in Syria? Learn more.

The U.S. Secretary of State has warned Egypt that they may lose U.S. funding.

Even though a wave of protests forced Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak out of office last year, protests have continued against the current generals who took over after Mubarak's fall. Now these generals are claiming that foreign aid is being used to support these protests and create national unrest. Based on this belief, the current Egyptian government has ordered 43 NGO workers, who are in Egypt to promote democracy and human rights, to a criminal trial for allegedly using foreign funds to propagate protests in Egypt. 18 of the accused NGO workers are American, and The United States is angry that Egypt is charging its democracy-promoting citizens with crimes. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton warned Egypt that if the charges remain, the United States may not give Egypt $1.5 billion in planned aid. Do you think that Egypt should drop the charges? Learn more.

One lump or two? Maybe zero.

It's been common knowledge for a long time that sugar is not so sweet for your health, but is it downright dangerous? A new commentary published in Nature, a prestigious science journal, says that sugar is as toxic to people as alcohol and tobacco, and that the United States should regulate it accordingly. The scientists who published the article say that sugar consumption has tripled worldwide over the last 50 years, and that it is a major factor in the current obesity epidemic. Do you think that sugar should be as strongly regulated as alcohol? Tell us what you think in this facebook poll. Learn more.

Two teachers at an elementary school in Los Angeles have been accused of sexually abusing their students. As the investigation into the abuse allegations moves forward, the district has removed all 120 staff members at the school, including the principal, teachers and cafeteria workers. The district says that they will remove the staff for the rest of the school year so that they can fully investigate the situation. While everyone agrees that the allegations need to be taken seriously, people are divided as to whether it is necessary to remove all the teachers while the investigation is ongoing. In the meantime, a psychiatric social worker will be in each classroom to help students deal with the situation. If you hear that someone is being abused, do you know who you could tell? Learn more .

Oh, hey! You're already here.

Now that you've finished The Week in Rap, explore the rest of our songs and videos.
Which team won the Super Bowl?
The New York Giants
What type of animal has been mysteriously washing up on shore in Cape Cod?
Which Republican Primary candidate won three states this week?
Rick Santorum
Where did the U.S. close its embassy to protest government violence?
Which nation is charging 43 NGO workers with crimes?
What type of food do some doctors think the U.S. government should regulate like alcohol and tobacco?
In which city did allegations of teacher abuse cause a whole school staff to get replaced?
Los Angeles
Want to let us know your thoughts on The Week in Rap?
This week or any week, shoot us an email at info@flocabulary.com. See you next week!

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