February 11, 2011

The Superbowl and South Sudan

F to the LO
C to the AB
Flocab’s giving you the news so take heed
The week started off with talk about Reagan
He would have turned 100 but what were they saying
Some said good things
Others said bad
One of the most popular presidents that we’ve ever had
In Green Bay they’re wearing cheese hats
It’s about time they got their Super Bowl back
Now, over to Iran
The trial for the US kids is going on
3 hikers were caught across the border
Accused of being spies is something they had never thought of
Hold up – while we’re in the Middle East
The Egyptian streets still search for peace
Students from the States
Out there for school
Came back home like “Hey! Everybody move!”
While we talking bout school let me ask you?
Do you know the deadline to turn in your FAFSA
Fill it out or it’ll be a disaster
Money for school is something that we’re all after
But here’s something br /and new out of NASA
The sun’s in 3-D run get your glasses
Check out the view
This knowledge of how the sun works is br /and new
In Sudan the vote went through
The dream of Southern Sudan has come true
They gonna split up, yup
And pretty soon
The world will have a br /and new nation – boom!
3 teens were gunned down in Juarez
Wishing there could be less violence by the borders
Now after that moment of silence
Remember not to aim your laser pointer at pilots
you’ll get arrested … and go to jail…
Flocab – Everybody Get your hands in the air…
Who would have turned 100 this week?
Ronald Reagan
What country is about to declare independence?
Southern Sudan
Where should you not aim your laser pointers?
At pilots

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