February 18, 2011

Obama's Budget and Watson on Jeopardy

Shout out to all the people who want to be free,
It’s the Week in Rap coming out the NYC,
We need to take a little trip to the middle east,
And Egypt were the people making history,
After 30 years of running the show,
Mubarak’s stepping down, you already know,
Yeah! The people won,
So everyone walk walk like an Egyptian,
Even Facebook played a role,
By letting people organize the whole revolt,
Yeah, You know what else is awesome?
An IBM computer Watson,
This super-powered PC debuted on Jeopardy,
See he beat Jennings , made it look easy,
It’s true, the computer won,
But it didn’t look like he had a lot of fun,
Now, don’t you know my real name’s Blake?
So I’ll jam like Griffin on the all-star br /eak,
Flocab’s a comet, F-L-Y,
Like the one NASA saw in the sky,
And you teens drink too much Red Bull,
And other energy drinks, you need to be careful,
Too much caffeine will make your heart go boom,
Or you might have a stroke, so get off them soon,
Obama showed off his brand new budget,
Who gets the money and who can’t touch it,
He wants to make cuts but increase pay
For schools, clean energy and high speed trains,
Republicans, they don’t want to pay
They want to keeping cutting like a razor blade,
Huh, something that I can’t explain?
Love works like a drug that’ll take away your pain,
Yeah, just like aspirin does,
So Valentines not the only day you have to love,
But will we find true love? Are we believers?
Never Say Never – Thanks Justin Bieber,
Yeah, I saw the Grammy’s you dig?
Lady Gaga came out an egg like a crazy chick,
Oh, that’s just a little play on words,
Flocab’s got the swag and we don’t hate on nerds,
What is the name of the Egyptian president who stepped down?
What beat Ken Jennings on Jeopardy ?
A computer called Watson
What did NASA see in the sky?
A comet

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