February 25, 2011

Political Showdown in Wisconsin and Pirates

We’re about through
With month number 2
Flocab’s in your school, and we’re giving you the news
Now if you are a US resident
This week started with a day for our Presidents
Washington, Adams, Jefferson… so on
One day it may be you but let me go on
Some places still have dictators
The revolution that has been spreading is
Across the Middle East & North Africa
Some regimes have seen it and fleed – yup
Packed it up
But Gaddafi still leads Libya
While people in the streets scream ‘We want to get rid of you”
But further south in Somalia
This the type of news that would sound bad to all of you
A yacht was held hostage by pirates
And the people on it died from the violence
So this is for the people who were on board The Quest
We wish all your families the best
Next – we head over to Wisconsin
The protests got everybody watching
Workers in the union are mad at
the governor
He’s trying to take their rights
They’re trying to recover them
But we still got more news to offer
An earthquake in New Zealand is on the Doppler
With a death toll steadily climbing
You’re hoping that somewhere in the rough is a diamond
Hey-yo it’s Flocab live on assignment
With headlines over these beats while we rhyming
Who held a yacht hostage?
In what state are union workers protesting?
What country had an earthquake?
New Zealand

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