February 4, 2011

Revolution in Egypt

What up it’s been a month
2011 is looking like it might be tough
Flocab bringing you the headlines, yup
Listen up it’s the w-week in rap uncut
Now – 13 of the states caught snow
There was bad wind, sleet & ice also
But Groundhog Day’s given us a false hope
That the spring will come early uh-huh, but ya’ll know that
Mother Nature’s gonna have her own plan
Ask the Australians in the state of Queensland
They just got hit with floods so understand
When the Cyclone slammed it was uh – out of hand
For big news, let’s head over to Egypt
We might be witnessing a revolution – can you believe it?
They were protesting President Mubarak
But his supporters stepped in and blew the spot
Violence – the kind that you wish you could stop
Several people died and many more got dropped
But for now let’s fly to down to Florida
The healthcare reform bill was ruled out of order
A judge said it’s unconstitutional
25 states are backing the resolution so
We may as well talk about the homie, Kool Herc
the DJ responsible for Hip-hop’s birth
He was recently taken to the hospital
And asked all the rap stars to help with the doctor bills
Meanwhile over at NASA
They discovered news I couldn’t pass up
1200 new planets orbiting stars
some are even similar to ours
The Week in Rap is free we don’t charge
But you got to pay attention to the way we spit bars
What did the groundhog predict on Groundhog's Day?
That spring would come early
Who do people want to step down in Egypt?
President Mubarak
What law did a judge rule unconstitutional?
Healthcare reform

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