January 14, 2011

Tragedy in Arizona

Everybody step up front and center
Flocab spitting in the middle of the winter
49 States caught snow
In the south you may be stuck with nowhere to go…
The roads are icy
Airports are shiesty
“Should we just stay right here?”
Yup, precisely
In Sudan the vote is moving at a nice speed
It looks like splitting in two is what it might be
But here’s news that’s very unlikely
Australia had floods way above five feet
And if ya’ll thought they had trouble
A year later Haiti is still covered in rubble
Since the earthquake you know it’s been a struggle
It wouldn’t be enough if the help effort doubled

Now what’s next on the agenda
Auburn is the new National Title Defender
They beat Oregon in the last second
In a close game neither team was half-stepping
Wikileaks was sorta bitter
Cause the US subpoenaed their info off of twitter
But Assange isn’t a quitter
Sayin this is the harrasment that we oughtta get rid of
By now you’ve heard bout Arizona
A moment of silence for all the people that are gone, uh
Who’d of thought about a would-be assassin
Who killed 6 others in this tragic interaction
Now the Congresswoman’s still living
The Shooter could face death or at best life in prison
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Took a trip to Yemen
You bet there’s help that we could give them
Rain sleet or snow
Guaranteed that Flocab
break you off properly with the What?!
Week In Rap
How many states were covered in snow?
Who beat Oregon in the last second?
What tragedy happened in Arizona?
A gunman shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and others

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