January 21, 2011

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

No need to adjust your Television tuner
This is for Martin Luther King Jr.
You knew he had a dream and we still try to
keep it alive
So we hold a holiday, hoping it will arrive
Right – But there’s no time to chill
Cause its ill how the floods hit br /azil
They had mountain slides. Many people got killed
Now they’re saying there’s a valley where there used to be a hill
Yep – Mother Nature needs to ease up
Have you heard about the trouble in Tunisia?
They had riots cause the people got tired
Of the leadership that Ben Ali had acquired
Kinda reminds me of Baby Doc
Who came back to Haiti were they waiting for him? Maybe not
He was a dictator who was quite wild
And for 25 years been living in exile
Now let’s talk about the high school students
Who got arrested for what they shouldn’t be doing
They were bullying fellow classmates
Using a Facebook profile that was fake
Wait- I’m sure you heard the news
We got a visit from China’s President Hu
There’s been protests ever since he came through
As far as Human Rights he says they’ve got work to do
True have you heard the deal with the vote on having the healthcare law repealed
The Republican house took a stance
But the Dems lead the Senate and it doesn’t stand a chance
And before we go you got to know
This is dedicated to Habram Roasario
The Week in Rap with the Flocab crew
Everything we do, we do for #52
What country saw floods and landslides?
Which civil rights leader did we celebrate this week?
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Who visited the White House?
China's President Hu

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