January 28, 2011

Revolution and Scary Science Scores

Flocab, we’re back on your TV,
We rap strong but we also rap weekly,
The Week in Rap, yes indeedy,
We’re old school like a tipi,
This week Obama gave the state of the union,
Why did he do that? It’s in the constitution,
He wants to get business booming,
‘Cause lately it’s been snoozing,
He said, this is America, “we do big things,”
(We do big things, we do big things,)
Both parties sat together, not to hold hands,
But they did get close like a slow dance,
Tunisians got rid of their president,
Who ruled with an iron-fist and no benefits,
The people spoke, they wanted none of it,
So they demanded a brand new government,
That spirit is spreading all over,
Yemen and Egypt, the people are acting bolder,
I mean they’re taking it to the streets,
Where they’re clashing with the riot police,
This week was so cold I was freezing,
But the arctic is warm, and that’s kind of freakish,
In Moscow, they had a bomb explode,
Who are the terrorists? We don’t even know
China has jets radar can’t see,
But the technology might not be Chinese,
I mean… the design might have been nabbed
From an American jet crash a few years back,
Now Americans aren’t living as long,
‘Cause we smoke and we eat whatever we want,
And more than half of students are bad at science,
It’s important – are y’all even trying?
Think of all the apps you could be designing,
All the diseases you could be curing,
All of the technology (e-e-e-e)
Uh, so crack the books,
Lots of Oscars looks for the k-k-King’s Speech,
More than True Grit and Black Swan, capisce?
Shout to the 6th graders who blogged with me,
Flocab on the track, like it ought to be.
What speech did President Obama give this week?
The State of the Union
Which country got rid of its president?
What subject are more than half of all students bad at?

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