January 6, 2012

Iowa Caucuses & Sea Creatures

2012 - we're finally here!
What's your resolution for the New Year?
At Flocab it's back to biz,
Just giving the news and you know what it is.
Let's take a trip, Iowa's dope,
The Republicans there just had a vote.
Mitt Romney left with the lead,
But only by 8 votes.
He's probably gonna need
A little help going in the next caucus.
Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann took losses,
She bowed out so she could leave room
For Ron Paul, Rick Perry and Santorum, too.
In Los Angeles, they're trying to find who's
Starting mad car fires
, but don't get it confused.
They got a suspect and think he's the criminal.

Moving on to Iran it just got pivotal.
They're working on a nuclear program,
But the whole world's like, "Yo, take it slow, fam!"
But Iran's like, "We're not trying to play your rules,
Get too close we'll close the Strait of Hormuz."
Your feet might freeze in your shoes,
It's so cold, it froze Florida orange juice.
Even manatees swam close together,
Everyone's hoping we'll all survive the weather.
Speaking of cold, near the South Pole,
They found a whole brand new world, so let's roll
On the ocean floor they found creatures,
You never would have learned about from your teachers.
Forgot what's coming outta them speakers?
Flocabulary and we rapped up the week just
Hope ya'll start the year off right,
And if you want to hear it again, check the website!

This glasses idea worked better in the 2000s.

Today is January 6th. That means it's probably time to put away your 2012 glasses and glittery noisemakers and get serious about the new year. Many people consider the change in year a motivation to improve their lives in some way. But if you've resolved to get better grades or hit the gym this January, don't forget to keep it up in February...and March... Why do you think so many people make resolutions for the New Year, as opposed to some other time? Learn more .

A caucus in action

Though Republican Presidential candidates have been debating since the summer, the actual primaries didn't start until this week. It kicked off in Iowa where registered-Republican citizens attended caucuses. Caucuses differ from standard elections; instead of privately casting a vote, citizens gather together to share their political choice with others in their town, and people in the room come to a consensus. In the end, Mitt Romney won by just 8 votes! Your class president probably won by more than 8 votes. The next state primary will be held in New Hampshire on January 10. What do you think are the pros and cons of holding caucuses, as opposed to private individual voting? Learn more .

Michele Bachmann during her campaign

After finishing in last place in the Iowa caucuses, Michele Bachmann decided to end her campaign. Despite the fact that Bachmann was born in Iowa--and spent the previous 10 days campaigning in the state--the voters clearly stated their preference for other candidates...even if they aren't clear about who they prefer. Rick Santorum, who could have won if he'd fielded even one more baseball team at the polls, has been reinvigorated. Third and fourth place finishers Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich are also stepping up their campaigns, while 5th place finisher Rick Perry said that he would reassess his campaign. For now, he's still in it. Why do you think that a candidate would end his or her campaign after a poor showing in one state? Learn more .

A car fire

Residents of Los Angeles love their cars. And the LA climate has led to many devastating wildfires in the past. A set of crimes uniquely terrifying to LA struck the city last weekend: an arsonist was lighting cars on fires at night, and nobody knew why. 55 cars were consumed in flames before authorities caught the 24-year-old man who they allege had set the fires--and caused over $3 million in damage. How much do you know about fire safety? Learn more .

Iranians may prevent airplane carriers from using the Strait of Hormuz.

Iran is trying to develop a nuclear program, but Europeans and Americans don't want the unstable nation to gain access to dangerous weapons. While Europe and the U.S. are placing sanctions on Iran to prevent the nuclear program, Iran would still be able to sell its oil to China and India, who have not signaled that they would would take part in the embargo. Iran threatened that they would close the Strait of Hormuz, which could cause oil prices in the West to rise, and on Tuesday, Iran told the U.S. that their aircraft carrier wasn't welcome in the Persian Gulf. Still, U.S. officials see these threats as a good sign that Iran is actually scared of a strong Western embargo. Do you think Iran should have a nuclear program? Learn more .

As if we needed an excuse to run this picture...

It's winter and it's cold. That might not be particularly compelling news for those of you in the North, but the temperatures in the 20s and 30s did come as a shock for farmers in Florida. Luckily, most of the fruit crop survived unscathed. But a group of manatees was so cold it needed to huddle together for warmth...which begs the question: Was the media just waiting for an opportunity to run pictures of cute animals? What are other possible negative effects of cold weather in typically warm places? Learn more .

This guy has a new cousin.

Explorers disappointed about not finding new life in outer space might want to turn their attention in the opposite direction. This week, scientists discovered several new undersea species, including a new species of crab, a seven-armed predatory sea star and a new species of pale octopus. Even though it's very cold in Antarctica, hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor create temperatures as high as 700 degrees. The sea life keeps warm and gains energy from the subterranean chemicals from the vents. How many undiscovered species do you think exist in the ocean? Learn more .

Oh, hey...you're already here!
In which state did Mitt Romney win a caucus by eight votes?
Which Republican Presidential Candidate dropped out of the race this week?
Michele Bachmann
Where did an arsonist set 55 car fires?
Los Angeles
What does Iran want to create that other nations want to prevent?
A nuclear program
Which animals huddled together for warmth during a Florida cold spell?
What did scientists find under the sea near the South Pole?
New species
And finally, what year is it?
2012! Happy New Year!

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