January 7, 2011

Snow Storm and John Boehner in the House

Ding-dong, father time, look who’s here,
Flocabulary ringing in a new year,
A new start, new chance, a new opportunity,
2011 is a baby, she’s new to me,
Let’s see, Obama signed a bill to help the heroes,
With health problems from working at ground zero,
Holiday travel, that was a beast, yo!
A big blizzard dumped snow on the east coast,
And tornadoes hit the south and the Midwest,
Flooding in Australia? I’m distressed,
In Egypt: a bomb attack
Aimed at Christians exploded at mass,
Dang, so much for a new start,
People still killing over power and God,
A governor in Pakistan was shot dead,
By his bodyguard who didn’t like what he said,
Young people get their news on the web,
Older folks, they like the TV instead,
Now Facebook is probably worth 50 billion,
So nerds like Zuckerberg get paid, hey
Did you hear about the birds – dropping out the sky,
In a town in the Little Rock suburbs?
It’s a mystery – no one knows why,
5,000 little blackbirds died,
Before we go, something that you have to know,
Census data show Americans are living where it don’t snow,
Population booms in the West and the South,
But we’re growing slower now, no doubt,
And there’s a brand new Speaker of the House,
Boehner’s in, Pelosi stepped down,
We’ll be back in 7 days with the week in rap,
Like an abacus, you can count on that! Ha Ha.
Where was there flooding?
How much is Facebook probably worth?
$50 billion
Who is the new Speaker of the House?
John Boehner

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