July 20, 2012

Voting Laws & Improved School Food

My oh my it gets hot in July,
At least we've got The Week in Rap to help us get by.
In London, they're getting ready for the Olympics,
But traffic is a problem and they need to fix it.
Could you imagine on your way to get the gold,
You're stuck on the road 'cause your bus is on hold.
The Houston Rockets made a move that was bold,
To get a star from the Knicks who's 23 years old.
You hear that? Can it be?
Houston is hearing the sound of Linsanity.
Meanwhile in the political game,
Obama and Romney keep sparring over Bain.
"Jobs were outsourced," that’s what Obama’s saying,
But Romney’s like "Nah son, that wasn’t my thang."
While we're talking bout the presidential race, look,
Washington is registering voters on Facebook.
But in Texas, they passed a law there,
Requiring an ID, some see it as unfair.
In Syria it’s still heavy warfare,
But a recent attack may have made it more clear.
The opposition took out some of the top aides
To President Assad
, now he's trying to save face.
Up next, yeah I have a hunch maybe,
That next year you'll see a smile from your lunch lady.
They're trying to raise the standards of your school food,
No more mystery meat, sounds pretty cool dude.
Now how about a few free online courses
From some prestigious universities?
The doors get
Opened at Harvard, Stanford, Penn,
But if class is free what will the schools do then?
From Flocab to all of our friends
That's another Week in Rap, we're glad you tuned in.

Will Michael Phelps make it to the pool on time?

Traffic in London is notoriously bad, and the upcoming Olympics are only making it worse. Security surrounding the event has also been criticized as being disorganized. Organizers still have a few days to get everything together, but as more and more tourists pour in, some fear that there won't be enough time to avoid an unpleasant experience in the city during the games. Do you think that London will be able to solve its traffic and security problems before the games begin? Learn more.

Jeremy Lin is now a Rocket.

Jeremy Lin wowed the basketball world last year playing for the Knicks. At first, the Harvard-educated point guard wasn't drafted by any teams, and just barely ended up playing pro basketball. Then suddenly he got some playing time, and he (and America) went nuts. Now Lin has been scooped up by the Houston Rockets, who offered him more money than the Knicks could. Do you think the Knicks should have payed more to keep Lin or is he over-hyped? Learn more.

The candidates smiled less this week.

The summer is heating up and so is the race for the presidency. Obama created a series of attack ads, accusing Mitt Romney of shipping jobs overseas while he was the head of Bain Capital. Romney struck back, claiming that he wasn't responsible for what Bain was up to because he was busy running the Salt Lake City Olympics. Regardless of who you believe, it's clear that both sides will be playing tough this election season. If you ran a company, would you consider hiring cheaper workers overseas or would you keep all your jobs in America? Learn more.

Washington state residents like this option.

If you live in Washington state, you can now log onto Facebook to check out pictures of your friends' vacations, plant some seeds in Farmville, and you can register to vote. One of these things is not like the other. Washington officials are hopeful that this new civic-minded app will increase voter turnout. Do you think that the ability to register to vote on Facebook will help increase voting numbers? Learn more.

Should a photo ID be required?

A controversial law in Texas states that voters would need a photo ID to cast their ballots. Texas officials argue that the law would help prevent voter fraud, while opponents claim that the law disproportionately affects black and Hispanic voters, who are more likely not to have photo IDs. After several days of arguments in court, the fate of the law is now in the hands of Texas judges. Do you think a photo ID should be required to cast a vote? Learn more.

Will Assad step down?

The Syrian rebels have been waging a bloody uprising against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. This week, the rebels succeeded in detonating a bomb that killed Assad's brother-in-law and two of his most trusted advisers. The rebels used IEDs, or improvised explosive devices - bombs that they were able to build themselves. Could this be a turning point for the rebellion or will Assad strike back at the uprising with even more force? How long do you think the Syrian uprising will last? Learn more.

"Wait! What happened to Pizza Friday?"

With childhood obesity on the rise, schools across the nation will be required to offer healthier options in cafeterias come fall. This week, thousands of school nutrition professionals met in Denver to try and find tasty and healthy snacks to bring back to their campuses. The goal is for cafeterias to offer meals with more fruits and vegetables and fewer calories. Do you think that your cafeteria offers healthy food? Learn more.

The courses are free, but the brick buildings cost money.

Want to go to Harvard? For free? You may not get a diploma, but Harvard, Stanford and other top universities are now offering some of their courses online for free. The courses are provided through a digital platform called Coursera. Fans of this new policy said that this will allow disadvantaged students and people from all over the world access to a top education. But some colleges are worried that if all courses go online for free, they'll lose paying students, which they need to pay the professors. What online courses would you be interested in taking? Learn more.
What is London preparing for?
The Olympics
What basketball player will be joining the Houston Rockets?
Jeremy Lin
What did President Obama accuse Mitt Romney of doing while at Bain?
Outsourcing jobs
In what state can you register to vote on Facebook?
What state is currently determining whether a new voter ID law is legal?
In what country were top aides to the president killed?
What type of meals is the government requiring to become healthier?
School lunches
What are some universities offering for free?
Online courses
From Flocab to all of our friends...
That's another Week in Rap, we're glad you tuned in.

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