July 27, 2012

Sally Ride & Tragedy in Aurora

Peace, peace, we've got it going on,
It's Flocab and we're here all summer long.
Well the only way for us to start right,
Is to to show respect to those from last Thursday night.
Yup, it's difficult to deal with the horror,
That happened in theater number 9 in Aurora
Meanwhile, while we're on that vibe,
We also gotta say "Rest in Peace" to Sally Ride.
The first woman in space, she did it with pride,
That's a lot of inspiration that she got to provide.
Next, I never thought someone would tell me this:
Scientists created an artificial jellyfish.
They made it out cells from the heart,
Who knows where they'll stop now that they've got a start.
Denmark's doing something that seems really smart,
A bike superhighway to get around the fly way.
Wonder what traffic would be like on a Friday,
Seems like it’s good exercise, what can I say?
The NCAA fined Penn State
60 million bucks
. Hold up, theres more, wait.
A 4-year ban from the post season,
They took Paterno's statue down even.
On Monday in Iraq,
They saw the year's most deadly attacks.
103 killed, they say it's Al Qaeda,
I hope they find peace right now and not later.
We all had to wait awhile for the Olympics,
Well they kick off today so don't miss it.
Did you hear that even some countries are spying?

They wanna get the gold, if not they’ll start crying.
It's Flocab and we stay flyin',
All around the world with the news we ain't lyin'!

President Obama visits shooting victims in Aurora.

Tragedy struck Aurora, Colorado this week when a man opened fire at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises . About a half hour after the start of the much-anticipated film, James Holmes killed 12 people and injured 58 more. In the wake of this sad event, a debate about gun control has been revived. President Obama and Christian Bale, the star of the film, visited injured victims this week. How do you think society can prevent future tragedies like this? Learn more.

Sally Ride

Sally Ride, the first American woman to launch into space, died this week. She made history when she joined the crew of Challenger in 1983, and she returned to space in 1984. Back on Earth, Ride was a professor of physics at UCSD before founding Sally Ride Science, a company to help girls and women pursue careers in math, science and technology. Do you want to travel into space? Learn more.

Is this real or artificial?

Have you ever looked at a rat and thought, "What if I could turn this rat into a jellyfish?" No? Well a group of scientists from Harvard and the California Institute of Technology did just that. The team of scientists created an artificial jellyfish that can swim and move like a real one, and they built it entirely out of cells from rat hearts. They called the "creature" a Medusoid. It is a step forward as scientists learn how to create artificial life. Why do you think scientists want to create artificial life? Learn more.

Now it is easier to bike to work.

Biking is wildly popular in Denmark: 36% of Danish adults ride their bikes to work and 45% of Danish kids ride their bikes to school. And it's about to become even more convenient. Copenhagen opened a "bicycle superhighway" to make biking even safer and more convenient. These bike paths have "green wave" technology to time traffic lights for bikers, as well as frequent opportunities to stop and rest your legs. Do you think the roads in your community are safe for biking? Learn more.

This statue has come down.

Over the past few months, we've reported on the scandal at Penn State, and Jerry Sandusky's conviction for child sexual abuse. Now the NCAA has announced penalties for Penn State's football program. The team has been fined $60 million, it will be banned from the postseason for the next four years, and all wins since 1998 have been erased from the record books. After these penalties were announced, Penn State took down its statue of football coach Joe Paterno. Do you think the punishments for Penn State were appropriate? Learn more.

A car bomb

103 people were killed in Iraq on Monday by coordinated attacks in 13 cities. This is the deadliest attack in Iraq this year. In the wake of the United States' exit from Iraq, Al-Qaeda is trying to show that it still has power. Do you think that the United States left Iraq at the right time? Learn more.

Wenlock and Mandeville, Olympic Mascots

The Olympics kick off at 9 p.m. London time today with a big opening ceremony that will reportedly include appearances by James Bond, Paul McCartney and Mary Poppins. Ahead of the ceremonies, some countries were spying on each other to scope out the competition. While it isn't technically illegal, some athletes question whether the practice promotes fairness. Will you be watching the Olympics? Learn more.
In what city did the tragedy at a movie theater occur?
Who was the first American woman to go into space?
Sally Ride
What type of animal did scientists create out of heart cells?
A jellyfish
What country has a new bike superhighway?
How much money did the NCAA fine Penn State?
$60 million
What Middle Eastern country had its deadliest attack all year?
What event starts today?
The Olympics
It's Flocab and we stay flyin'...
All around the world with the news we ain't lyin! Have a great weekend.

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