June 15, 2012

Egypt in Tumult & Rush Hour Rewards

And The Week in Rap's back in effect,
Nod your head till you feel it in the back of your neck.
This week - we had a lot of action,
So let's go ahead and get it cracking.
First - the Fed says family net worth,
Is at the level of the early 90s
, but what’s worse?
Two decades of saved up wealth,
Appear to be gone like they all turned stealth.
In Egypt, Mubarak is in bad health,
While the citizens deal with the cards they were dealt
They’re about to vote for one of two leaders,
But there’s many who say they don’t want either.
While we are heading into our own election,
Did you know now you can donate by texting
To the campaign of your choice?
Guess this was the way to give everybody a voice.
On that note - the KKK
Want to adopt a mile of a Georgia highway
What do you think the state should say?
"Absolutely not!" or "Hey! Okay."
In Syria, it’s still serious,
Ask Hillary Clinton why she’s so furious.
She says Russia’s been supplying weapons,
And it only raises the level of aggression.
In Los Angeles they’ve been celebrating,
The LA Kings have been shooting and skating.
They beat New Jersey for the Stanley Cup, yo,
Next up is basketball - yup, well let’s go.
Last, an experiment could spread through the land,
You could get paid to avoid a traffic jam.
Sounds like it could be a good plan,
That's another Week in Rap from Flocab and the fam...

They're for sale, but nobody is buying.

The Federal Reserve released a report on the state of American family wealth, and the numbers aren't good. The median American family has no more wealth than it did in the early 1990s, and its net worth has dropped from $126,400 in 2007 to $77,300 in 2010. The largest losses affected families who own homes that were hit by the burst of the real estate bubble. In addition, family incomes have declined since 2007. Even if the economic crisis is technically over, the recovery is proving to be slow. Do you know people who were affected by the housing crisis? Learn more.

Mubarak behind bars

Even with the revolution in the past, tensions are on the rise again in Egypt. Former dictator Hosni Mubarak has been sentenced to life in jail. His entourage has reported that he is in poor health, but critics are skeptical, and think he is using his health as a way to avoid prison time. Meanwhile, with the final presidential election days away, the Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court ruled on Thursday to dissolve the Parliament. Some say that this is a move for the former regime to stay in power. Stay tuned... this story will continue to develop. Do you think that Mubarak should be forced into prison if he is in bad health? Learn more.

A new way to make a political contribution

Ever since the Supreme Court deregulated campaign spending in 2010, more money than ever has been pouring into both sides of the presidential race. Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson made news this week with a $10 million donation to Mitt Romney's super PAC. But there is a new way for more people to contribute somewhat smaller amounts to campaigns: texting. The Federal Election Commission ruled that President Obama, Mitt Romney and other federal candidates can now receive campaign contributions through text messages. A former press secretary called this form of contribution an "antidote to super PACs," giving the less-than-super wealthy people a chance to make a difference in campaigns. Are you interested in contributing to a presidential campaign? Learn more.

Should they be able to sponsor a road?

Local organizations will often sponsor sections of highways to help clean up the road and show community support. But what happens when the Ku Klux Klan wants to do it? The Ku Klux Klan, or KKK, is a white-supremacist organization with a history of terrorism against people of color and immigrants. Their application to sponsor a one-mile section of road in Georgia has opened up fierce debate in the area. Opponents of the sponsorship say that it would be a way to validate the infamous hate organization, but previous First Amendment legal decisions make it likely that the KKK will be able to go ahead with the sponsorship. Do you think the KKK should be allowed to sponsor a highway? Learn more.

Hillary Clinton

On Tuesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused Russia of shipping attack helicopters to Syria. She said that these helicopters would help escalate the crisis in Syria, which the UN is now calling a Civil War. While it isn't clear when Russia sent the helicopters to Syria, it is clear that Clinton was trying to put pressure on Russia to stop its support of Bashar al-Assad's regime. Do you think the United States will be able to convince Russia to end its support of Assad's violent regime? Learn more.

The Stanley Cup is actually a cup.

Even as the temperatures were getting warm, two teams were still very concerned with icy matters. The Los Angeles Kings and the New Jersey Devils squared off in the Stanley Cup, and the Kings reigned victorious for the first time in their 45 years as a team. They beat the Devils 6-1 in Game 6 of the series. Do you like to watch hockey? Learn more.

What it someone payed you to skip this?

As cities' populations grow, traffic is only getting worse. Some cities, like London and Singapore, have tried to cut down on traffic by imposing an extra charge on cars who travel in crowded areas during peak commuting hours. But one computer scientist at Stanford had a different idea to combat traffic. He created an experimental system that rewards drivers with cash prizes for commuting during off-peak times, rather than punishing commuters who travel during rush hour. So far it's working--traffic is down, people are happy to win prizes, and other cities are considering this plan. Would you change your travel schedule to less convenient times if you had a chance of winning a cash prize? Learn more.
When was the last time the average American family's net worth was as low as it is today?
The early 1990s
Which former dictator is in bad health?
Egpyt's Hosni Mubarak
What is a new way to donate to presidential campaigns?
Which group wants to adopt a highway in Georgia?
The Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
Which country has supplied Syria with military helicopters?
Which team won the Stanley Cup?
The LA Kings
A new experiment is paying people to avoid what?
Traffic jams
The Week in Rap's back in effect,
Nod your head till you feel it...
In the back of your neck. See you next week!

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