June 22, 2012

An Immigration Change & Teacher Layoffs

Flocab feeling fresh like a summer breeze,
I need a beat drop, tell the drummer please.

This week, we saw drama in Egypt,
They said the dictator died, some didn’t believe it.
'Cause now they’re saying that he’s living,
Could this be a hoax just to get him out of prison?
And there’s beef between the military,
And the new Egyptian president
, whoever that might be.
So much drama that I need an intermission,
What else is cooking in the kitchen?

Obama made a decision, that’s important,
Said some immigrants won’t get deported
If you were brought here as a little kid,
And have a clean record then you don’t have to live
In fear of getting deported, that’s the order,
Some celebrated, some want a closed border.
You might find this amazing,
A majority of immigrants are now Asian.

Trying to be American is sweeping the nation,
But there’s trouble with education.
Budget cuts can feel like a guillotine,
Some of the best teachers lost their means...
And their jobs, I know times are hard,
But shouldn’t we be investing in our future stars?
That’s y’all.

Switching spots to Greece,
The Greeks used the ballot box to speak,
And vote for a new pres
, who says, “Yo!
Greece is gonna stay up in the eurozone.”
Roger Clemens is the pitcher with the heat,
He was on trial for committing perjury,
Lying about steroid use, I don’t know if you heard it.
"Not guilty!" was the verdict.

Nowadays everybody likes touching screens,
Knawmeen? Do you like touching screens?
Microsoft unveiled a brand new tablet,
That’s going after the iPad
, will it catch it?
What will computers look like in ten years?
We all have dreams but it isn’t really clear.

Flocab with the news in your ear,
Have a good week then come running back right here.

"The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

On Tuesday, the Egyptian state news agency reported that former President Hosni Mubarak was "clinically dead." Other news agencies said he was in a coma, on life support or doing okay. And now his lawyer is saying that Mubarak just fell down in the bathroom. Regardless, he was transferred from prison to a hospital, and critics of the former dictator are accusing him of playing up health problems to get out of prison. Why do you think there is so much secrecy surrounding Mubarak's health? Learn more.

A poster for Islamist candidate Mohamed Morsi

Last week, Egyptians voted in a runoff between Mohamed Morsi, an Islamist candidate, and Ahmed Shafik, the last prime minister to serve under Mubarak. And right before that happened, the Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court ruled on Thursday to dissolve the Islamist-led Parliament. To say that Egypt is in political disarray would be an understatement. The Egyptian people are anxiously awaiting election results, which are not likely to come before Sunday. But already the Muslim Brotherhood has claimed victory, and has threatened to take to the streets if they are denied power. Do you think Egyptians will peacefully accept the election results? Learn more.

Watch President Obama make his announcement.

Last Friday, President Obama announced that undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children will be able to remain in the United States so long as they are either still in school, high school graduates or military veterans, and not over 30. This change in policy will affect up to 800,000 immigrants. The change was made by executive action, which means that President Obama did not consult with Congress. In 2010, Republicans in Congress blocked the Dream Act, which would have granted immigrants similar rights. Why do you think President Obama made this policy change without Congress? Learn more.

The entrance to Chinatown in Washington, D.C.

Asian immigrants have surpassed Hispanics to become the largest immigrant group in the United States. Asians accounted for 36% of all immigrants in 2011, while Hispanic immigrants accounted for 31%. According to the Pew Research Center, this shift is not related to an increase in Asian immigrants, but rather a decrease in immigrants from Latin America. Do you think you might ever move to a foreign country? Learn more.

President Obama with the 2012 National Teacher of the Year

Michelle Apperson has taught elementary school in Sacramento, CA for 9 years. This year, she received the district's "Teacher of the Year" award. She also received a pink slip. Because of the budget cuts, the district had to lay off 400 teachers, and layoffs are based on seniority. Apperson's layoff has drawn attention to the national issue of education budget issues. Do you think that teacher layoffs should be based on how long someone has been teaching? Learn more.

The new Greek prime minister, Antonis Samaras

Over the past few months, Greece's economy has been failing, and the nation's status as a member of the eurozone has been called into question. But in a parliamentary election on Sunday, a candidate who supports an EU bailout won. This means that Greece is now more open to negotiating with the EU, and is likely to remain in the eurozone. Antonis Samaras was sworn in as Prime Minister on Wednesday. He's Greece's fourth Prime Minister in eight months. Do you think that remaining in the eurozone will be able to help take Greece out of its recession? Learn more.

Roger Clemens pitching for the Yankees

Roger Clemens, the 11-time All-Star pitcher, was accused of using performance-enhancing drugs late in his career. After testifying before Congress that he didn't use steroids, Clemens was accused of perjury. That means that Congress thought he was lying to them. Four years later, after a long, complicated trial process, Clemens was found not guilty on all counts of lying to Congress. Do you think that performance-enhancing drugs are a major issue in professional sports? Learn more.

The Microsoft Surface

iPad, meet Surface; Surface, iPad. Microsoft announced that it will release its own tablet computer to compete with Apple's popular iPad. Unlike the iPad, the Surface will have a built in kickstand and a cover that doubles as a keyboard. There is no set release date yet. Are you interested in using a tablet computer? Learn more.
What did the media falsely report about Hosni Mubarak this week?
That he died
Who is the Egyptian military fighting against?
The new Egyptian president (who hasn't been officially announced)
What did Obama announce about young immigrants this week?
They won't be deported if they have a clean record
Where do the majority of immigrants to the United States come from?
What has happened to many good teachers recently?
They've lost their jobs
Which European country voted for a new prime minister this week?
What was the verdict in Roger Clemens' trial?
Not guilty
What company unveiled a new tablet?
Flocab with the news in your ear...
Have a good week then come running back here! See you then.

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