June 8, 2012

A Big Soda Ban & The Golden Jubilee

Flocab's getting busy in June,
School's out, but we're still cooking up tunes.
It's safe to assume it's about to go down,
Let's check out the news, see what we got now.

Starting off in the Empire State,
Mayor Bloomberg sees too many people overweight.
He's trying to ban sales of the big-sized sodas,
What do you think would happen if he asked the voters?
We do know about the voters out in Wisconsin,
They had a recall and they all were responsive.
Republican Governor Scott Walker
Held on to his job easily, now off to...
Indonesia - the Lady Gaga show,
But it's cancelled 'cause they were like, "Nah y'all, nope!"
They were getting threats from Islamic extremists,
Who believe that she's been worshipping demons.

But here's another event you don't see usually,
The Queen of England just had her Diamond Jubilee.
That means 60 years in the game,
And people worldwide celebrated her reign.
Ray Bradbury of sci-fi fame,
Died at 91
, but he did his own thang.
You may have even read one of his works,
He sold eight million copies so you wont have to search!
Smokers in Cali are going berserk,
There's a cigarette tax the state's trying to work.
But opposition says that with so much debt,
California outta not focus on cigarettes.
Update from the Sunshine State,
Zimmerman's back in jail to sit and wait.

Hey yo, it's Flocab and we feel great,
We'll be here all summer. For now, we gotta skate!

New Yorkers may need to make a few concessions when it comes to soda.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been working to make New Yorkers healthier throughout his administration. He has previously banned trans fats from restaurants and smoking from parks. But to help combat rising obesity, Bloomberg's newest target is sugary drinks. His proposed ban would make it illegal to sell sweetened drinks larger than 16 oz. in delis, fast-food restaurants and theaters. Do you think that this ban would help people to drink healthier beverages, or do you think people will just buy more sodas in smaller sizes? Learn more.

Scott Walker among supporters

Republican Governor Scott Walker has been a divisive figure in Wisconsin. Last year he faced the wrath of unions when he cut collective bargaining rights, all the while gaining support from conservatives across the country. After 16 months of fighting over the issue, Walker was up for a recall vote. If he lost, he would have been removed from office. But he won on Tuesday, becoming the first governor to survive a recall election. Now Wisconsin faces the task of moving forward despite deep political divides. Do you think that Wisconsin citizens will be able to easily move forward from this issue? Learn more.

A Lady Gaga concert

Lady Gaga had scheduled a concert in Indonesia, but she had to cancel the show after Islamic extremists threatened her safety. They said that she was a "devil worshipper" and that her provocative clothing and dance moves would corrupt the youth. Indonesia is a secular, democratic nation with a predominantly Muslim population, but recently a small extremist fringe has been increasing its threats and violence. Do you think that Lady Gaga should have canceled her show? Learn more.

The royal barge Gloriana in Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee Pageant

Queen Elizabeth II has been wearing the crown for 60 years. So naturally, this anniversary was cause for lavish celebration. People throughout the United Kingdom and its 15 Commonwealth realms honored the queen with parades, festivals, boat shows and more. Do you think that the Diamond Jubilee celebrations should have been so extravagant? Learn more.

Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury, the author best known for his book Fahrenheit 451 , died on Tuesday at the age of 91. Many consider Bradbury the writer responsible for bringing science fiction into the mainstream. Fans celebrated his long career of popular sci-fi this week. Have you read anything by Ray Bradbury? Learn more.

Will California's cigarette tax pass?

Millions of people in California are fighting over a matter of one dollar. This election day, voters cast ballots over the proposition of adding an additional $1-per-pack tax on cigarettes. Leading up to election day, the tobacco industry spent $50 million on an ad campaign to fight the tax, while celebrities like Lance Armstrong lent their fame and cash to support the tax. Supporters say that the tax would help to reduce smoking and contribute money to cancer research, while opponents think that it would be a bureaucratic nightmare. As of today, the results were too close to call. Do you think the cigarette tax should pass? Why or why not? Learn more.

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman is back in jail again. Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. After the shooting, it took nearly two months for Zimmerman to be charged and arrested, but he was quickly released on bail. Then on June 1, the judge revoked his bail because it became apparent that Zimmerman and his wife had not fully disclosed their finances at the bond hearing. Do you think that Zimmerman should be released on bail again? Learn more.
What does Mayor Bloomberg of New York City want to ban?
Large sodas
Who won the Wisconsin recall vote?
Governor Scott Walker
Who had to cancel her concert in Indonesia after getting threats?
Lady Gaga
What did the Queen of England just celebrate?
Her Diamond Jubilee
What famous sci-fi writer died this week?
Ray Bradbury
What do some people in California want to add more taxes to?
Where is George Zimmerman now?
Back in jail
We'll be here all summer...
For now, we gotta skate! See you next Friday.

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