March 11, 2011

Unemployment Down, Afghan Deaths Up

Flocab, Week in Rap, we’re back again,
Haters need a suitcase: pack it in,
We’re on Facebook dude, just ask a friend,
Let’s march around the globe, see what’s happening,
Good news – more people getting paid,
More jobs in the USA.
Unemployment’s at a two-year low,
The economy is ready to grow,
Ready to blow like a vent on a volcano,
Kilauea got hot! What you thought? Got cold?
Nah, but listen, not too long ago,
Women didn’t have the right to vote,
Shout out to the women who made the change,
This week was International Women’s Day,
But you know what’s messed up and odd?
Ladies still get paid less for doing the same job,
So we march on, regardless,
We’ll see more green and yellow than golden arches,
Subway is the world’s biggest chain,
Bigger than Micky D’s or Mr. T’s bling,
We’ll see more ads in class,
Or on schools buses, ’cause schools need the cash,
Corporations tagging halls you see,
Like graffiti but for Wheaties or for MTV,
After millions of miles in space,
The shuttle Discovery will be taking its place,
In a museum, no more astronauts,
Taking trips in the shuttle and blasting off,
In bad news, we’ve seen more killings,
In Afghanistan of innocent civilians,
Most get murdered by the Taliban,
But some get killed by Americans,
In fact a NATO air-strike just killed,
Nine innocent young boys on a hill,
What else? Michelle and Barack Obama,
Want to fight bullying and stop the drama,
This week at Mardi Gras, we saw the party start,
In New Orleans, ha ha ha ha ha,
BP wasn’t invited, you see we
Rock on with the rap of the week,
It’s Flocab.
How much do women get paid for doing the same job as men?
Less than men
What is the world's biggest chain?
Who has been dying in Afghanistan?
Innocent civilians

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