March 18, 2011

Nuclear Disaster in Japan

We got headlines
Some good some bad
It’s the Week in Rap
Courtesy of Flocab
Yeah – so can we give a hand
to the country of Japan – and
By now everybody’s heard of the devastation
that occurred Word-
They had a tsunami and an earthquake
And to this day, it has been the worst they
had ever seen – and even now after
They’re worried about the nuclear reactors
Many Japanese are scared,
Of radioactive particles in the air
What’s bad about radioactivity?
The truth is – we don’t know how bad
it could be
This is an interesting time in history
The Jasmine revolution had another victory
Hillary Clinton went in to Egypt
and pledged 90 million dollars to them on the free tip
that’s to help settle in their new regime
it seems their fate remains to be seen
Meanwhile, in the state of California
19,000 teachers careers were torn up
It’s sad that the budget went br /oke
There’s so many classrooms that won’t have hope
But in Pakistan it’s a different ending
Raymond Davis got to go home. Someone sent in
Over $2 million to the families
Of the victims that he killed
now can we
take a moment while i’ve got the mic on
and say rest in peace to a hip hop icon
Nate Dogg – thanks for the songs
Flocab keep the week in rap going strong
What caused devastation in Japan?
An earthquake and a tsunami that damaged nuclear reactors
Where did Hillary Clinton travel to?
Which hip-hop icon died this week?
Nate Dogg

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