March 23, 2012

An NFL Shake-Up & Trayvon Martin

You may have seen that spring's doing its thing,
The plants turn green, the birds start to sing.
Pollen all up in your eyes, making them sting,
And you know Flocab has got news to bring.

Ok, so let me do my part then,
And dedicate this to Trayvon Martin.
A Florida teen who was killed by George Zimmerman,
Who claims it was self defense and he was innocent.

And this man was never arrested,
Which lots of Americans were upset with.
Could it be race-related? That may be why
This case is getting looked at by the FBI.

Well anyway, here's something positive,
If you've got Apple stock, 'cause they've got a lot to give.
It's a dividend, 'cause they've got so much cash,
But don't expect the price of the products to get slashed.

They may have found a clue about the crash,
Of Amelia Earhart
, so many years past.
But a picture of an island in the South Pacific,
Shows what could be a glimpse of the plane that went missing.

Listen, the NFL has a lot going on, yo,
Peyton Manning signed up to be a Denver Bronco.
The coach of the Saints is suspended for a year,
And Tim Tebow may hear the Jets cheer.

Speaking of Jersey, the spycam case,
Has us analyzing hate crime laws that are in place.
Even though they're on the books in 45 states,
Sometimes when they're applied it can spark debates.

Guess who's taking a trip to outer space?
The first commercial cargo run to the base.
Flocab's heading that way too, wanna race?
Another Week in Rap, live and direct in your face!

It's so pretty...Achoo!

Happy Spring! As of Tuesday, winter is officially over. But after the fourth warmest winter on record, many spring allergy sufferers are sneezing and itching earlier than usual. What do you look forward to in the spring? Learn more.

Demonstrators at the "1,000,000 Hoodie March" show their support for Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teenager with no criminal record, was killed last month by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman was on a neighborhood watch, and claimed that he shot Martin in self defense because Martin was threatening him. Zimmerman hasn't been arrested because a Florida law called "Stand Your Ground" permits people to protect themselves in self defense. People around the country are in an uproar over Martin's death and the fact that Zimmerman has not been arrested, claiming that this needless death was born of racism, and that Florida's self-defense law only propagates further violence. Do you think Zimmerman should be arrested? Learn more.

Apple's handing back the cash.

With iPads, iPhones and iPods abounding, it probably shouldn't come as a surprise that Apple has a lot of money. In fact, Apple admitted this week that it has more money than it needs. One way that companies raise money is by selling stock, allowing people to own small shares, or parts, of the company. It's important for a company to maintain a good relationship with its shareholders, and this week Apple stock owners got a nice surprise. Apple decided to pay shareholders a dividend, or sum of money. What do you know about the stock market? Learn more.

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart was a world-renowned aviator in the early age of flight. But she is perhaps most famous for disappearing in 1937 after her plane went down in the Pacific while she trying to circumnavigate the globe. Earhart, her navigator and her plane were never found, though the mystery of their whereabouts has entranced people every since. This week a photograph from shortly after the crash was revealed, and some think that Earhart's plane is visible in the photo. Now a group of historians and scientists will begin a new search in June for the wreckage of Earhart's plane. Do you think people will ever find Earhart's plane? Learn more.

Peyton Manning during his Colts days

After playing for the Indianapolis Colts for 14 seasons, Peyton Manning will now be the quarterback for the Denver Broncos. What about the Broncos' star quarterback Tim Tebow, you say? Well read on... Do you think Manning will help the Colts play well? Learn more.

Sean Payton during a Saints practice

After leading the Saints to Super Bowl victory in 2009, coach Sean Payton has been suspended for a year without pay. To what can we attribute this fall from grace? It seems that Payton was paying "bounties" to his players for knocking out players from other teams. In a time when the NFL is coming under greater scrutiny for player safety--and is facing 20 concussion related lawsuits--this suspension is a way of showing that the league is taking players' safety seriously. Do you think that the NFL should make changes to football rules to improve player safety? Learn more.

Tim Tebow on the Broncos

First New York had "Linsanity." And now it's about to get NFL sensation Tim Tebow. After the Broncos signed Peyton Manning to the Broncos, the New York Jets snapped up the Bronco's now-redundant quarterback. Jeremy Lin, get ready for a new kid in town. Do you think Tebow will continue to be as popular when he is on the Jets? Learn more.

In September 2010, college student Tyler Clementi jumped off the George Washington Bridge after he discovered that his roommate, Dharun Ravi, had secretly filmed him kissing another man. Ravi was convicted of an anti-gay hate crime, and may be sentenced to 10 years or more in prison. But this verdict has set off a debate about the value of hate crime laws, and whether they are constitutional. Do you think Ravi should have been sentenced to a hate crime? Learn more .

The SpaceX Dragon capsule

For the first time ever, a private company is sending supplies to the International Space Station. A company called SpaceX will send its cargo shipment in a capsule called "Dragon." This will be the first United States shipment to the space station since NASA ended its shuttle program last year. Do you think that more private industries will develop around space exploration? Learn more.
What has arrived earlier than usual this spring?
Who was killed in Florida, causing a national uproar?
Trayvon Martin
What major tech company is paying its shareholders a dividend?
Whose crashed plane may have been found in a photo?
Amelia Earhart
Who is the new quarterback for the Denver Broncos?
Peyton Manning
What happened to the coach of the New Orleans Saints?
He got suspended
Which NFL sensation will now play for the New York Jets?
Tim Tebow
What type of laws are under scrutiny after the spycam case?
Hate crime laws
What is making its first trip into outer space?
A commercial cargo capsule
Another Week in Rap...
Live and direct in your face! Tune in next Friday. You know where to find us.

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