March 25, 2011

Conflict in Libya and the Super Moon

Yeah, we made it into Spring
Peep the week in rap Flocab’s about to bring
AT&T’s been doing their thing cause they bought T-Mobile and they’re trying to be the king
While people in Japan are suffering (Radiation!)
Made it difficult for you to touch your drink
It’s in tap water so its bad for the babies
We need help there, we still need it in Haiti
Let’s take a trip to the Middle East maybe
You’ve heard what’s been happening in Libya lately
Coalition forces -shooting missiles
But Gadhafi’s reign is still official
In Egypt, they had a free vote
To bring in change, or at least we hope
Some people say it may be too soon
The new revolution needs time to bloom
Last Saturday we had a super moon
It was so big it looked like a cartoon
That’s because it orbited closer
And made it look so much bigger than its supposed to
Over in the streets of Jerusalem
A terrorist bomb ahh think they’d be used to them
But its been a minute since the city’s been attacked
Many people think it’s Hamas striking back
Meanwhile, Obama went south
To Latin America to see what it’s about
(He went to) El Salvador, Chile & Brazil
We’ve still got economic ties to build
And it’s real sad but the fact is
Hollywood has lost a legendary actress
So, rest in peace to Liz Taylor
Flocab is out yo we’ll see you kids later
What are people in Japan still suffering from?
What appeared in the sky on Saturday night?
A super moon
Where did President Obama travel to?
Latin America

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