March 30, 2012

Health Care on Trial & A Trip to South Korea

As the month of March comes down to a close,
Count on Flocab to let you know how it goes.
President Obama put on his good clothes,
For a trip to Korea and you know how he rolls.

He was in the South with his eyes on the North,
Hoping no nuclear weapons will come forth.
The state of Florida has rallied in support
Of Trayvon, whose killer has yet to go to court.

On the house floor, Representative Rush,
Was hushed when he had his hoodie on to discuss

Racial profiling and the death of the teen,
But he was told that he could take it off or he could leave.

Looks like they're about to tighten up security,
For the ACT and SAT.
You see they found a bunch of students out in Long Island,
Who were paying people to take the test, yo they're wylin!

Syria's getting better, but it's still violent,
Even though they agreed to cease firing.
The rebels and Assad's regime keep clashing,
Their people need peace to achieve satisfaction.

James Cameron has a passion,
For directing movies and deep sea action.
He dove to the Mariana Trench,
The deepest spot on Earth - the pressure was intense!

Drama behind the Supreme Court bench,
Will "Obamacare" survive? Oh, the suspense!
The idea of the government forcing,
You to buy anything is why they're taking caution.

Everybody's watching "The Hunger Games,"
And the NCAA tournament, it's insane.
It's Flocabulary, ain't a thing changed,
Yo, we're spitting these rhymes over these beats that bang!

President Obama on Air Force One

President Obama visited Seoul, South Korea for the third time, making it the capital he has visited most during his presidency. This time, he was there to focus on South Korea's not-so-neighborly northern neighbor. He contrasted the democratic success of South Korea with the impoverished North Korea, which is under the rule of the new dictator Kim Jong Un. Obama called for North Korea to stop its nuclear program, and he urged China to act more aggressively to limit North Korea's nuclear capabilities. Do you think that North Korea will stop building its nuclear program? Learn more.

A speaker at a Trayvon Martin rally

Last week we told you about Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teenager with no criminal record, who was killed by George Zimmerman, a Florida man on neighborhood watch who thought that Trayvon looked suspicious. Protests around the country have continued to heat up: Trayvon's parents, civil rights leaders, professional athletes and celebrities have joined the demonstrations to demand that Zimmerman be arrested. Zimmerman claims that Trayvon attacked him, but this claim is in dispute. The police chief in the town where Trayvon was killed has since stepped down. Do you think that Zimmerman will be arrested? Learn more.

Watch Bobby Rush give his speech...and get booted off.

To show support for Trayvon Martin, U.S. Representative Bobby Rush wore a hoodie while giving a speech against racial profiling in the House of Representatives. The Travyon Martin case is particularly important to Rush, since he lost his own son to a shooting in 1999. In his speech, he said, "Just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum." But mid-speech, Mississippi Republican Gregg Harper interrupted Rush, and told him that since hats are not allowed in the House, "members need to remove their hoods or leave the floor." Why do you think Rush wore a hoodie to give his speech, even though he knew it was against the rules? Learn more.

Keep the bubbling fair!

Starting this fall, test security at the SAT and ACT will be stepped up. In the wake of a cheating scandal in Long Island, where students paid other people to take the test for them, the organizations that run the exams needed to make sure that this wouldn't happen again. In the Long Island cheating scandal, the people who were paid to take the test used fake IDs to gain access to the testing centers. To prevent this practice, students will now need to submit a photograph of themselves when they sign up for the test. Do you think this new requirement will prevent further cheating? Learn more.

Kofi Annan

Syria agreed to a cease-fire created by U.N. envoy Kofi Annan. But then the current government continued killing rebels. So the international community is not convinced that President Bashar Assad has taken the cease-fire seriously. And the end to fighting can't come soon enough. The U.N. said that the death toll has reached more than 9,000 people. Do you think that diplomacy will be able to end this conflict, or do you think that military forces should be brought in? Learn more.

James Cameron, above ground

James Cameron, the director of hit films including Titanic to Avatar, once proclaimed himself, "King of the World." Now he can also call himself "King of the Sea." This week, Cameron took a submarine down nearly seven miles to the Mariana Trench, which is the deepest point in the Earth. Cameron is only the second human to reach these depths; the last time someone made it down that far was in 1960, and their submarine kicked up so much sand that they couldn't see anything. Scientists hope that this visit will give them new insights into the largely alien world deep under the sea. Would you like to travel under the sea? Learn more.

President Obama signing his health care act into law

Two years ago, President Obama signed his health care act into law. The law requires people not covered by an employer to purchase minimal health insurance, with the goal of lowering health care costs for all. But since the moment the ink dried on Obama's signature, opponents of this "individual mandate" have been fighting "Obamacare" in the courts. This week, the Supreme Court heard arguments from both sides about whether the law is constitutional. The contentious decision is expected to be close, and it likely won't come until June. Do you think people should be required to have health care? Learn more.

"Hunger Games" fans

Look out Harry Potter and Twilight lovers…there's a new breed of superfan in town. "The Hunger Games," a new movie based on the best-selling book about teenagers who are forced to fight to the death, made $155 million during its opening weekend. That makes it the third-best debut ever in terms of revenue. So Hunger Games fans--and studio executives raking in the cash--have high hopes for the next films in the series. Did you see "The Hunger Games"? Learn more.

Kansas Jayhawks forward Thomas Robinson

March Madness is down to the final four. This Saturday, Kentucky will battle Louisville, and Kansas will take on Ohio State. Unlike the last few years when weaker teams surprisingly made it this far in the NCAA tournament, these four teams are all known to be strong; they've all won a national title before, and they've all made it to at least 10 Final Fours. Who do you think will win? Learn more.
What country did President Obama visit this week?
South Korea
What teen have people around the nation been rallying around?
Trayvon Martin
What did Representative Bobby Rush wear while giving a speech in Congress?
A hoodie
Why did the ACT and SAT tighten security?
A cheating scandal
What U.N. provision did Syria agree to?
A ceasefire
Where did James Cameron visit?
The Mariana Trench
What law was considered by the Supreme Court this week?
President Obama's health care law (Obamacare)
What movie debuted to the delight of thousands of fans?
The Hunger Games
How many teams are left in the NCAA tournament?
It's Flocab...
...ain't a thing changed! The Week in Rap will be here... next week!

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