March 4, 2011

Violence in Libya and World Maths Day

What up students
Peace how you doing?
Flocabulary is about to get it moving
This week started off with the Oscars
Award winners only – no imposters
Inception & the King’s Speech
Took more than one award home each
While overseas
Libya is crazy
Foreigners are hustling to leave on the daily
That’s got the price of gas rising fast
So get your tank full before you spend all your cash
Let’s head back to the states
Where the government almost had to shut down – wait
The Senate approved enough dough for two weeks
While Obama’s trying to get both sides to make peace
Speaking of which
Students in Idaho
Protested for reasons that ya’ll might have known
They were mad about teachers getting cuts
Of bargaining abilities and all of that stuff
Yup, and let’s not forget
China owns over a trillion dollars of our debt
So I guess that’s who we need to thank
If we come back home and there’s money in the bank
Moving on
High-5 your staff or anybody dedicated to the world of math
This week we had World Maths Day
And we need your full support nothing half way
And sadly – on the Gulf Coast
Baby dolphins are washing up decomposed
Nobody knows if it’s from the oil
And if so what else in the Gulf got spoiled?
Now Flocab is about to say peace
See you next Friday that’s the news for the week
Which movies won a lot of Oscars?
The King's Speech and Inception
Which country owns over a trillion dollars of United States debt?
What animals are washing up on the Gulf Coast?
Baby dolphins

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