March 9, 2012

Israel, Iran, Tornadoes & Super Tuesday

Flocab - y'all think that I'm a dude,
We're a few dudes and girls too, we're like a crew.
Serving up another Week in Rap song:
"Tell me what's going on with Iran?"
Well ever since Islamic Revolution in '79,
Things with the West just haven't been fine.
Ahmadinejad wants Israel wiped out,
That's why he's never invited up to the White House.
"Who met with Obama?" That was Netanyahu,
Israel's prime minister, I bet you all knew.
That Iran might be building nuclear bombs,
So Israel might strike targets in Iran.
Obama told Israel: please don't attack,
But understand, we've got your back.
Diplomacy, that's what Obama wants,
Says "we need to talk" like someone's getting dumped.

Syrian protesters still getting shot,
Senator McCain wants to make sure they're not.
He wants the US to drop bombs on Syria,
But will that end the hysteria?

"Did they vote in Russia?" Yeah, and no surprise,
Vladimir Putin won for the third time.
He's like a president out of an action movie,
He's shot whales with a crossbow, yeah truly.
But protesters say he also rigged the vote,
So they gathered in Moscow to let the world know.

Jamaica wants to start a new day,
They may sever ties to the UK,
A former British colony built on the blood of slaves,
They may decide to go their own way.

"What about the Midwest?" Yeah they got hit
By 80 tornadoes and that's not it,
Afterwards they were covered in snow,
Making the recovery more difficult.

Romney and his crews won Super Tuesday
But not enough to make Santorum doomed.
"Hey seems like the race just won't stop,"
In a couple months, we'll see who's on top.

Week in Rap and we've got it on lock,
Don't forget to drop an hour from the clock!

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On the occasion of a visit from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Obama spoke this week about the United States' role in the escalating tension between Israel and Iran. He had messages for all of the players in this crisis. Obama assured Iran that he wouldn't hesitate to attack in order to prevent the country from getting a nuclear bomb. He told Israel that they should not attack Iran because that could throw the whole Middle East into crisis, but that the US would stand by Israel if a conflict happened. And he reassured the American people that using military force in Iran would be the last resort. Do you think the United States should get involved in Israel and Iran's dispute? Why or why not? Learn more.

Iran looks so peaceful from space.

Two days after President Obama spoke on Iran and Israel, a diplomatic solution seemed more possible. Members of the UN Security Council agreed to a new round of nuclear talks with Iran. And Iran gave inspectors permission to visit a site that is suspected of housing secret atomic work. The last talks and atomic visits ended in failure. But in hopes of avoiding armed conflict, countries hope that this diplomatic round will be a success. Do you think that these talks and visits will be successful? Why or why not? Learn more.

Senator John McCain

While President Obama was speaking on Iran this week, the United States president in an alternate universe was talking about Syria. Senator John McCain called for airstrikes against Syria. McCain believes that other diplomatic measures have not been effective in stopping the current Syrian regime from killing its citizens. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has responded that the US is working to build international consensus in finding a solution, rather than striking out on its own. Do you think the United States should use force against Syria to stop the violence? Learn more.

Vladimir Putin, action hero?

Vladimir Putin has not only shot whales with a crossbow. He has also driven F1 cars, held a tiger's head, engaged in an arm-wrestling contest and played piano at a benefit concert. See some amazing pictures of his exploits here. But many people in Russia are not happy with Putin right now. Click on the next lyric to find out why.

Russian protesters

After serving as president for eight years, and prime minister for four, Vladimir Putin won his third presidential election. But some Russians think that he rigged the election. Over 20,000 people rallied in Pushkin Square to protest his victory. Officers in full riot gear fought back against the largely peaceful protesters, detaining about 250 people. Independent international agencies agree that the election may not have been fair, but at this point, it doesn't seem like this assessment will affect Putin's presidency. Who do you think should step in if a national election is unfair? Learn more.

Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, on her way to Parliament

Jamaica is gearing up to celebrate its fifty-year anniversary of independence from Britain. The island was under British rule from 1655 to 1962. The British bought African slaves to populate the island, and in many cases treated slaves with a brutality that is hard to imagine. Even though Jamaica is now free from colonialism, British Queen Elizabeth II is still technically Jamaica's head of state. The current prime minister, Portia Simpson Miller, announced that she'd like to officially replace Queen Elizabeth II with Jamaica's own president, becoming fully free and moving Jamaica further away from its dark history of slavery. Do you think Jamaica should replace Queen Elizabeth II as head of state? Learn more. And if you're interested in learning more about imperialism.and postcolonialism., listen to our two modern history songs on those subjects.

Damage from the tornadoes

At least 38 people were killed as 80 tornadoes hit the South and Midwest. Communities from Alabama to Indiana were torn apart by the violent storms. In the wake of the storms, tornado survivors are coming forward with harrowing tales of their survival. One family piled on top of each other for protection. A toddler was found alone in a field near her home. And many school buildings were destroyed, leaving teachers and students scrambling. Do you know how to keep safe in the event of a tornado? Learn more.


On Monday, Former First Lady Barbara Bush called the current Republican presidential primary race, "the worst campaign I've ever seen in my life." After Super Tuesday, which was was supposed to be a decisive day, things weren't looking any better. Mitt Romney won in six states, including the heavily contested Ohio, Rick Santorum won three states, and Newt Gingrich won Georgia. Republicans still don't have a candidate. Tune in next week, when we will continue to not know who the candidate is. When do you think a candidate will emerge? Learn more.
Which Israeli leader met with President Obama this week?
Benjamin Netanyahu
What did President Obama tell Israel not to do?
Attack Iran
Which senator wants to bomb Syria?
John McCain
Who not only won the presidential election, but also shot a whale with a crossbow?
Vladimir Putin
Which country wants to sever ties to the UK?
What natural disaster occurred throughout the Midwest?
Who won the most number of states on Super Tuesday?
Mitt Romney
Don't forget to drop an hour...
...from the clock! Have a great weekend!

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