May 13, 2011

Southern Tornado and a Rapper in the White House

Okay! We’re moving through May
Flocab’s in the place and we got a lot to say
Now this ain’t time to kick your shoes up
they’re still feeling the hit in Tuscaloosa

The Mississippi river keeps flooding
Tennessee’s stuck and
They can’t do nothing

They’re defenseless in Memphis
But here’s something they can look forward to – get this
Booker T. Washington High School
Won the “Race to the Top” that Obama threw
Cause of their dedication to education
The President will be speaking at their graduation

You know who else had to speak?
Google, Apple & the smartphone geeks
Congress wants them to be honest
About what they’re doing with their GPS knowledge
After all it’s getting out of hand
Apple overtook Google as the world’s top br /and

Michelle Obama had a hot hand
Till Common got invited then it’s like she got canned
But Common ain’t known to be a gangster
He’s who the fans of conscious rap say thanks to

And coming up next you see
We’ll speak on the plight of Libyan refugees
Thousands on the shores of the EU
It’s a war zone so what can we do?

People over here are like – hey man give me those!
Osama Bin Laden home videos

oh – some teens see a threat
and sued the government for climate change and it’s affect

Flocabulary in your TV set
Giving you the week in rap as we catch wreck
What will President Obama do at Booker T. Washington High School?
Speak at the graduation
Which company overtook Google to become the world's top brand?
Which rapper was invited to the White House?

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