May 18, 2012

More Jobs For Grads & JPMorgan Loses Big

Flocabbin', spinnin', smashin',
All these tracks and all these fashions.
Week in Rappin', we've been rapping,
Never sleeping, check the map and...

The U.N. entered Iran,
To see if they're building bombs and nukes.
Now both sides are chatting,
That's a good first step, let's see what happens.

Big banks messed up in ‘08,
But they learned their lesson, oh wait.
JPMorgan on Wall Street,
Lost 2 billion bucks in six weeks
Some think Wall Street needs regulation,
But Republicans have reservations.

More jobs for new college grads,
Plan for the future that you want to have.
Dream big, but have a plan B,
Or be unemployed, begging money from your family.

It’s never too late to fulfill your dreams,
A 52-year-old janitor knows what I mean.
He was mopping floors, wanting more,
This week he got his diploma for sure!

You could stay dedicated to sports,
Like the 13-year-old boy on Long Island.
He’s playing field hockey on the girl’s squad,
Now a court ruled he can’t get kicked off.

Skechers shoes was ordered to pay,
$40 million for making false claims
They said the shoes would make fat go “Poof!”
But it turns out that they didn’t have any proof.

How many think Facebook’s a fad?
A new poll shows that more than half of us,
Think Facebook’s reign might pass
You can buy the stock now, so do the math.

Who’s the crew that blazes the path?
We’re made in America, and made to last:
It's Flocab.

Nuclear facilities in Iran

Over the past few months, Iran has been trying to develop its nuclear program. But Israel, and other members of the United Nations, are concerned that Iran is aiming to create nuclear weapons. After several failed attempts at inspections, the U.N. is now trying to talk it out with Iranian officials. It still isn't clear when Iran will let the U.N. inspect its nuclear facilities, but both sides said that they were seeing progress with the talks. Why do you think other nations are opposed to Iran having nuclear weapons? Learn more.

The original J. P. Morgan

Have you ever mistakenly lost a quarter in the sewer? Frustrating, right? Well imagine losing 8 billion quarters. That's what happened at JPMorgan Chase over the past 6 weeks. The largest bank in the United States lost $2 billion in a trading portfolio, which ended up being a lot riskier than the company first believed. Major losses at banks can affect the entire economy, and risky bets like these were part of the cause of the 2008 financial crisis. Many Democratic lawmakers say that the government should more strongly regulate banks to prevent them from taking costly risks, though Republicans think that strong regulations could hurt business. Do you think the government should regulate big businesses? Learn more.

Grads this year have better job prospects.

2012 college graduates have something extra special to celebrate this year: The job market for new grads is at its best since the economic crash of 2008. More employers were on campuses at job fairs, and more grads are finding jobs in their fields. But the job market isn't perfect. Even though unemployment for college graduates is down from 9.1% in 2011, it is still at 7.2%. So college students are advised to start planning early if they want to avoid heading back home after graduation day. How do you think students can improve their chances of getting jobs? Learn more.

Gac Filipaj mopped floors here and graduated here.

For the past 12 years--from 2:30 - 11 p.m.--Yugoslavian refugee Gac Filipaj mopped floors, cleaned toilets and took out trash at Columbia University. But in the mornings and late at night, 52-year-old Filipaj was working toward a bachelor's degree in classics. This week, he graduated with honors. A masters and Ph.D. may come next, but for now he plans to continue working as a janitor. How do you think Filipaj kept motivated over those 12 years? Learn more.

Guys play field hockey too

In other countries, it is common for men to play field hockey. But in the United States, it's generally the girls who wield those hook-shaped wooden sticks. When Keeling Pilaro moved to New York from Ireland, he wanted to continue playing. But his school only had a girls' team, and some people were concerned that he'd be giving his team an unfair advantage. On Tuesday, an athletic committee decided that he was allowed to play, reversing an earlier ruling that kept him off the field. The Long Island committee has previously approved girls who want to play football or wrestle, but this is the first time they've let a boy play for a girls' team. Do you think that boys should be able to play on girls' teams, and vice versa? Learn more.

These shoes won't help you lose weight. Unless you go for a jog in them.

If you bought Skechers' Tone-ups shoes, you are now eligible for a refund. The popular sneaker company claimed -- with help from celebrity spokeswoman Kim Kardashian -- that the shoes would help wearers lose weight and strengthen their buttocks muscles. But the Federal Trade Commission called foul, and now Skechers owes $40 million to its customers. Turns out that buying some fancy new shoes won't help you lose weight or look like Kim Kardashian. But if you already bought them, you could try taking them out for a run. Why do you think there is a government organization that oversees truth in advertising? Learn more.

Will Facebook go the way of bellbottoms?

People love to share their opinions about Facebook, whether they're griping about design changes or voicing concerns about privacy policies. Before, Facebook could listen or not listen as it pleased. But now, there's a lot of money riding on how much people believe in Facebook. Today is Facebook's IPO, and the company is valued at around $100 billion. While some are scrambling to buy stocks, others don't think Facebook is a good bet. In a recent poll, 50 percent of people think that Facebook is just a passing fad. Do you think Facebook is here to stay? Learn more.
What country are U.N. officials investigating for nuclear weapons?
How much money did JPMorgan Chase lose on Wall Street in the last six weeks?
$2 billion
What can college grads look forward to this year?
More available jobs
What notable thing did a janitor at Columbia University do this week?
Graduate from Columbia
What sport is a 13-year-old boy now allowed to play?
Field hockey
What shoe company falsely claimed that its shoes would help burn fat?
What are some people calling a fad?
Who's the crew that blazes the path?
Flocab, and we're made to last. See you next week. And don't miss "The Last 18 Years in Rap" on June 1.

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