May 20, 2011

Mississippi Floods and Nasa Preps Endeavor

Yeah – Flocab’s getting busy,
And we got the news so come along with me.
There’s been mad flooding of the Mississippi,
So if you’re in the South better rep your city,
And your state – coming of late,
Mother nature’s in the place and there’s no time to wait.
All of this while the US debt, just reached
The max that it’s allowed to get.
They’re trying to scramble not to default,
Some folks have gone and took their cash out the vault.
But NASA – they’re going into space,
The shuttle Endeavor blowing smoke in your face.
This will be one of our last missions,
And soon we’ll rely on Chinese assistance.
Listen – the government tried to spot ‘em
Bombers in retaliation for Bin Laden.
In Pakistan they just killed 80,
That seems to be the way the violence is lately.
The Israeli borders were shook,
When Palestinians came close to get a look.
They threw rocks but got back shots,
15 were killed many more got dropped.
Israel said it was for their protection,
Palestinians say it was their land they would have stepped in.
But even at the US borders,
It seems that things aren’t exactly in order.
They found trucks holding 500 people,
Reaching for the American Dream but they’re illegal.
Where did the Queen go?
Over to Ireland – apparently her visit there even inspired them.
Flocab’s holding down your environment,
So fly that even Donald Trump couldn’t fire them.
What state had lots of flooding?
Which Middle Eastern borders were disputed?
Israeli borders
Where did the Queen of England visit?

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