May 6, 2011

Osama bin Laden is killed

OK, it’s Flocab, with The Week in Rap,
Channel One News, let’s take it back,
10 years ago marines landed in Afghanistan,
Hunting Bin Laden – he was on his “Gingerbread Man,”
Catch me if you can, hiding in the desert land,
Did he flee to Pakistan, right across the border?
Laying low, taping death threats on his camcorder,
CIA got a clue, found his compound,
Now Obama gave the order to take Bin Laden out,
Navy Seals killed the man Sunday, wow,
Uh. You won’t see the grave,
Cause he’s resting at the bottom of the sea they say,
What now? Did the Pakistanis know
That Osama bin Laden was hiding out so close?
And will this be the end? Last chapter? Epilogue?
Of the war? Or will it go on and never stop?
They say love can last forever, that’s a nice thought,
I just saw a prince and princess tie the knot,
Not a Disney movie, but it was highly watched,
I was hoping when they kissed, he’d turn into a frog,
br /its paid a lot, and is it worth the cost?
Hard to put a price tag on feeling nice, y’all.
Like the Teacher of the Year who was just chosen,
I should get all the good teachers red roses.
Oh, tornadoes ripped through the South,
The most in a single day, that’s the count,
It takes years to build a town,
Takes Mother Nature a couple seconds to tear it down,
But A-L-A-B-A-M-A again will rise,
My respects to the hundreds who died,
Drove my Chevy to the levee, the levee it wasn’t dry,
They blew it up, flooding farms, water really high,
The army did that in Missouri,
Just to save a town in Illinois, you heard me,
Think 7 billion people is a crowd?
We’ll be 10 billion by the next century, wow,
Graduation’s soon, a celebration!
But in some schools, there’s still segregation,
Huh? We need to wrap it up: tortilla,
7 days we’ll be back, Week in Rap, see ya!
Which terrorist did the Navy Seals locate in Pakistan?
Osama bin Laden
Who got married in England?
Prince William and Kate Middleton
How many people will be in the world by the next century?
10 billion

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