November 12, 2010

Miner in the Marathon, Caffeine & Alcohol

Flocabulary coming live on a Friday
Giving ya’ll the news so listen to what I say
Can I get down to the gritty
Starting out in New York City
A Chilean who was trapped in the mine
Ran the marathon and crossed the finish line
And perhaps you heard about Alaska
They’re hoping they can find the senate seat winner faster
Lisa Murkowski, the write-in candidate’s
Name was so funky they had to come examine it
And in Washington & Michigan
4 Loko’s banned yo, you may not see it again
They’re worried about alcohol & caffeine
And they’re thinking that it may be a bad thing
But can we get international
Burma’s got elections but its said they could be laughable
Cause the junta’s only opposition
Has gotten locked up in prison
Listen – President Obama went to Indonesia
And guess who was there, his elementary school teacher
Obama was there in the 60′s
What’s up next in the news yup let’s see
In the UK, students protested
The tuition increase that’s been suggested
It’s a shame that it got violent
But some people think its better than staying silent
And heads up
This story gets wild
Did you hear about the California missile?
The military says it wasn’t them
They’re say now a plane’s what it probably could have been
Flocab coming back once again
It’s the Week in Rap! Enjoy your weekend!
Who amazingly ran the New York City Marathon?
A Chilean miner
Where did President Obama reconnect with his elementary school teacher?
What were UK students protesting?
A tuition increase

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