November 19, 2010

Freed Prisoners and Murkowski's Write-in Win

Flocab’s in the place to be,
The W-double-E-K in R-A-P,
We’re back in the playhouse like Pee Wee,
Or like Harry Potter in NYC, we
Got together to play a game a quidditch,
On our br /ooms sticks to c-idd-atch the sn-idd-itch,
Good news! A British couple was freed,
From pirates who abducted them on the seas,
And in Myanmar, a leader was released,
Her name is Aung San Suu Kyi,
“That’s sweet, but I mean, who’s she?”
She wants more democracy and fewer uzis,
The U.S. plans to leave Afghanistan by 2014,
Will there be stability when we leave?
I mean when we peace out, will there be peace?
Do we forever need soldiers in the Middle East?
Did Murkowski win? I’ll ask her,
Yes! She’s a Senator from Alaska,
There’s a slew of brand new bodies,
In Congress from the Grand Old Party,
And, this is the The Week in Rap,
This is The Week in Rap,
And now I
Am singing,
Alright, stop! This is for all the teens, real talk,
All of y’all ought to eat a lot less salt,
Salt is a suspect like Kaiser Soze,
Everyday you can’t eat Wendy’s and Chipotle,
Oh hey, the so-called “Merchant of Death,”
Allegedly was selling arms to the terrorists,
He got caught, he’s awaiting a trial,
The allegations are totally wild,
Prince William will make his gf a princess,
The Beatles are on iTunes, I’m impressed,
So I’ll be bumping MP3′s on my Yellow Submarine,
Tell Sergeant Pepper he should Let It Be,
Teens in Worcester will not Let It Be,
They found non-native beetles on the trees,
Can they be stopped? Better call the beetle cops,
Week in Rap on the track when the needle drops,
We rock on!
By what year does the U.S. plan to leave Afghanistan?
What should people eat a lot less of?
What band is now on iTunes?
The Beatles

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