November 5, 2010

Midterm Elections and Giants For the Win

We’d like to welcome all of ya’ll to November
Flocab got that news you should remember
Tuesday we saw all the elections
America may be heading in a new direction
What happened? Republicans are in the house
The House of Representatives what they controllin’ now
The Democrats still control the Senate
But there’s more Republican Governors, isn’t it?
Cali had Proposition 19
Thought it got voted down this is what it might mean
They tried to make Marijuana use legal
But they said “No” so
This is what we know
Two package were tracked back to Yemen
Headed to Chicago and they had bombs in ‘em
Luckily they both got diffused
But the bomb maker is still on the loose,
Moving on to br /asil
They voted in the first woman ever it was ill
Not to mention that she was an ex-guerilla
Dilma Roussef is leading br /asilia
And in Iraq at a church they had a seige
It’s unfortunate, the violence in the in the middle east
And maybe ya’ll heard about Greece
Somebody better call European Police
They intercepted a whole bunch of letter bombs
Meant for European leaders, see but instead of bombs
We should try to send love
To surfer Andy Irons, yep, that’s wassup
He died at the young age of 32
Flocabulary trying ta keep you in the loop
The Week in Rap’s coming back real soon
With the world news headlines ya’ll know how we doooooooo!
Which party won out in the midterm elections?
The Republican Party
What did Proposition 19 keep illegal in California?
What did two packages headed to Chicago contain?

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